Forgotten Relics of Altador

NOTE — Altador Cup games are only available during the Altador Cup which is generally in the summer.

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Altador has a long and illustrious history. The land that stands for justice and safety was built by commoners who worked really hard to achieve this. The elders of Altador have gathered to recount tales from ancient times. Stories of what the land of Schrommos was like before King Altador found it.

When King Altador arrived there, Schrommos was being ruled by terrible monsters that had wreaked complete havoc around. Join us every evening to hear more such anecdotes relayed by the elders covering major events in Altadorian history that mark its growth and progress. They have many a tale that will leave you thoroughly entertained.

How It Works

To participate in this event, head to the NC Mall and purchase a Forgotten Relics of Altador Program Pack. Items come in packs 1, 7 or 28.

After purchasing, visit your inventory to activate your pack and head to the Forgotten Relics home page to pick your prize. The items go in order of release, from left to right.


A new prize will be available every evening from June 11th until July 8th at 11:59PM NST.

Missed a prize? No big deal, you can claim them at any time and can claim multiple of the same item; however, you are only allowed to claim one new item a day.

Bonus Items

There are three bonus items to obtain during this event, each available for every 8th, 17th and 28th unique prize you claim.

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