Magic Elixirs

It's one thing to use magic in battle, but quite another to use it to expand your wardrobe! These special Magic Elixirs, worth 100 NC each in the NC Mall can each be opened to reveal a special wearable effect!

Similar to a Mystery Capsule, once you've bought the Elixir from the Mall, all you need to do is go to your inventory and open it. Once opened, you will be awarded with a special magic effect. These effects are interesting items. Rather than occupy a specific zone, the effects can overlay anything your pet is wearing. Normally, if you try to put two items that occupy the exact same zone on your pet, the second item you try to apply will replace the first. The effects from the Elixirs can be placed on top of anything and both items will remain intact in your customization.

Exclusive Magic Elixir Items

Dark Faerie Magic Elixir

Dark Faerie Magic Effect

Kapow Magic Elixir

Kapow Effect

Rolling Clouds Magic Elixir

Rolling Clouds Effect

Winter Lights Magic Elixir

Winter Lights Effect

-Retired Elixir-

Birthday Confetti Magic Elixir

Birthday Confetti Effect

-Retired Elixir-

Spooky Blorpulous Magic Elixir

Spooky Blorpulous Effect

-Retired Elixir-

Crackling Ice Magic Elixir

Crackling Ice Effect

-Retired Elixir-

Swirl of Power Elixir

Swirl of Power Effect

-Retired Elixir-
Written by stream27
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