Days 11 to 18

Day 11 - Sophie's Stew

Bonus prize:

Meowclops Dietary Guidelines

We think this dare is medium.


Deadly Treasure Chest


Sophies Stew Gummies

Quick tips: Your goal is to get as many items into Sophie's cauldron as you can, if you miss and the item hits the ground you lose a life. Five lives lost and the game is over. Ghost Marshmallows have the higest points value, so make sure you get them in the cauldron. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: Type hungrymeowclops in-game to receive an extra life.

Day 12 - Shenkuu Warrior II

Bonus prize:

I Made it Past the Loading Screen

We think this dare is medium.


Shenkuu Cloud


Cloud Shake

Quick tips: Go slowly, while there is a point deduction for time there's a bonus for accuracy. Avoid the broken ledge and the purple cloud as they are more trouble than helpful. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: None.

Day 13 - Ghost Bopper

Bonus prize:

Ghost Bopper Cake

We think this dare is medium.

336 pts

Cobweb Shoes

94 pts

Haunted Dream House Playset

Quick tips: To prevent any distractions, turn off the sound. Losing a heart will treat you to an ear-piercing scream that is not only creepy, but incredibly annoying as well.
Do not stall while hitting ghosts. Letting a ghost get past you depletes your health by one heart.
Rotate your keyboard to match control changes. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: None.

Day 14 - Smug Bug Smite DOUBLE DARE

Bonus prize:

Suspicious Perfume

We think this dare is medium-hard.

556 pts

Smug Bug Spots

476 pts

Thieving Guide for Coleopterans

Quick tips: use tab to select a bug and enter to "click" it. First bug tab, enter. Hit tab twice quickly to deselect everything. Second bug, tab, enter. You have to wait until the second bug has come ALL the way out. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: None.

Day 15 - Trouble at the National Neopian

Bonus prize:

National Neopian Log

We think this dare is medium.

527 pts

Gold Bars Chair

230 pts

Jail Meal

Quick tips: It's easy to memorize the six keys for the game so train yourself to be able to press the correct key on impulse when you see a thief in the doorway. The few nanoseconds saved from looking up at the screen and then to your keyboard will save you more times than you think. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: None.

Day 16 - Sutek's Tomb TEAM CHALLENGE

Bonus prize:

Shoe Full of Sand

We think this dare is easy.

3,574 pts

Geeky Geb

548 pts

Suteks Tomb Rubber Stamp Set

Team Challenge

AAA vs. Abigail Stamp

Guide to Restoring Roo Island

Quick tips: Make matches quickly, even if they are of only 3 tiles at a time, since tiles will fall down every time you make a match. Also, try making horizontal matches instead of vertical ones, since they will open up more opportunities for new matches. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: plzsutekcanihavemoretime - Type this code in anytime to gain 30 more seconds. This is a very helpful (and long) code and is best to be used when you only have 10 - 20 seconds left. To not waste any time typing this code in, pause the game and type everything but the last letter, the e. Then, resume the game and press e to activate the code.

pyramibread - You can type this code in any time in the game as many times as you want and it will show you a possible match. Usually this code doesn't help because it takes longer to type the code than it does to find another move. Only use this code when you are really stuck.

Day 17 - Meerca Chase II DOUBLE DARE

Bonus prize:

Meerca Chase II - The Game

We think this dare is easy.

390 pts

Negg Tail Belt

158 pts

Gumball Negg Machine

Quick tips: Don't hurry. It's better to take longer to take the long path to reach a negg than try to dart through red neggs. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: type superextrahypergravitymode on the main page to unlock gravity mode

type ferociousneggsareontheloose to unlock ferocious negg mode

Day 18 - Faerie Bubbles

Bonus prize:

Avoids Air Combos Award

We think this dare is easy.


Faerie Bubbles Cannon


Faerie Bubbles Brew

Quick tips: Fire, Water, and Light all have good effects. Earth, Air, and Dark all have bad effects. Most levels follow a format that makes them easy to play if you know what's coming. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: Type bubbles to turn all bubbles on screen into the same, random, type.
Type stardust to turn your current bubble into a Nova.
Type slumberberry to move the bar back to the top.
Type faerieland to turn your current bubble into a Rainbow.