Days 6 to 10

Day 6 - Gwyl's Great Escape

Bonus prize:

How to Line a Tunnel with Spikes

We think this dare is hard.

890 pts

Personal Meowclops Statue

324 pts

Patched Balloon

Quick tips: Click on 'Continue Game' - NOT 'New Game'. Type in gwylsgreatestescapeever and click 'Submit!' It will take you to a bonus level which can help you earn those extra points you need for a high score. After you complete the level, you will be taken to the first level of the game - but with lots of extra points!
Both Gwyl and the balloon are not allowed to collide with the hazards.
If you keep Gwyl on a hazard, he will continue to lose health. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: gwylsgreatestescapeever - secret bonus level

Day 7 - Wrath of the Snowager

Bonus prize:

Frozen Spardel Plushie

We think this dare is easy.

186,472 pts

Loot Bag

18,964 pts

Cheeky Chia Action Figure

Quick tips: Play the game on hard! It makes it a lot easier to get the required score. You'll need to grab 20 items to get to level two, and maybe a few on level two, but that's it.
(Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: None

Day 8 - Super Hasee Bounce DOUBLE DARE

Bonus prize:

Collecting Letters

We think this dare is hard.

846 pts

Hasee Stripes

386 pts

Hasee Cake

Quick tips: You're trying to collect H-A-S-E-E here primarily, doughnutfruits are secondary, though will net you points. Only play in hard if you know what you're getting into. This can be played with either the mouse or keyboard.
(Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: None


Bonus prize:

Bamboo Flute

We think this dare is medium.

493 pts

Lovely Shenkuu Fan

156 pts

The Kou-Jong Strategy

Team Challenge

Exploding Die

Traveling Game Food

Quick tips: Play this game on hard for the maximum amount of points. While the game is not timed, the longer you take the less bonus you get so don't dawdle. You can restart any stage without resetting all the points from previous stages. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: Type cyodrake once per game for an extra hint

Day 10 - Ice Cream Machine

Bonus prize:

Congratulatory Book

We think this dare is easy.


Adee Plushie


Adee Usuki

Quick tips: Be sure to collet the special ice cream cones that have icons on them (a shield, minus sign, SMALL chia, and heart are the one's you want). It's best to stay far back away from the ice cream cones. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: Type strawberryvanillachocolate for an extra life.