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Neopets Daily Dare News

Welcome to the news room, where all of the magic happens. Here you can find the latest Daily Dare news updates and information. We'll be keeping an archive here too, so you can review all of the past news - all on one, easy to use, page!

Daily Dare starts on Monday, March 2

Hello everybody! We have some very exciting news for you concerning the Daily Dare, Double Dare and NC Challenge. First of all, we have the confirmation that this year's competition starts on Monday, March 2nd and will last for 30 days.

This year's competition will include five different trophies which are:

Ultimate - Beat AAA's scores on the launch day of each challenge.
Uberiffic - Beat either AAA's or Abigail's scores on the launch day of each challenge. You can beat Abigail every day, or a combination of AAA's and Abigail's scores.
Megasuperb - Complete all of the AAA challenges by the end of the Daily Dare.
Spifftastic - Complete all thirty challenges by the end of the Daily Dare - you can beat all Abigail's, or a combination of AAA's and Abigail's scores.

The Double Dare that was announced in yesterday's news is a special weekly challenge in which you will have to beat AAA for the game, if you choose to accept. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with both AAA's and Abigail's prizes for that day. However, you can't change your mind and if you can't beat the Double Dare, you won't be able to switch to regular Daily Dare, thus you won't get any prizes.

Also, as we announced to you yesterday, there will be a NC Challenge. To take part into this challenge, you must purchase tickets from the NC Mall and beat Lulu's score for the amount of games of your choice. You will earn extra prizes from taking part of NC Challenge, and if you beat all 30 NC Challenge, you will also receive an exclusive bonus Neocash item!

You can find more information about all this by reading Daily Dare FAQ, Double Dare FAQ and NC Challenge FAQ.

The Daily Neopets will continue to provide you top information regarding the Daily Dare. Make sure to check out our Daily Dare Coverage and our spiffy Daily Dare counters.

Posted on Saturday, February 28th 2009 @ 11:16 am EST by Xepha

Exclusive Daily Dare News

We bring you breaking Daily Dare news straight from Neopets and this is a story you can only find on The Daily Neopets.

Earlier today Neopets was doing some testing with the Daily Dare and The Daily Neopets has new information regarding this years' challenges. We can now confirm that the Daily Dare will have something to with the NC Mall and is being called The Daily Dare NC Challenge. The screen shot below was taken by a TDN staff member while testing was up for only minutes. Here is your exclusive look.

Speculation now moves onto the NC Mall Daily Dare tickets that were found last year and if they will somehow be involved. We can confirm, however, that these tickets, below, have started to appear in the Neopets search when you search for "daily dare." These are called "challenge tickets" and we have no idea how, when, or if they will be used. Perhaps you will earn them for every 1, 5, 10, and 30 challenges you complete in order to purchase exclusive NC Mall prizes like the image above hints at.

If any further information becomes available to us, we will pass it along immediately, so remember to check back at your #1 source for Daily Dare information - The Daily Neopets.

Posted on Friday, February 27th 2009 @ 1:58 pm NST by Superfly