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Hello! Welcome to The Daily Neopets' first ever... TDN Staff Daily Dare Competition! Staffers will compete head to head, not just to have the best trophy, but to have the TDN Points score! Remember to stay updated on the standings on the Main Page. You can chat about scores, predictions, and more on our TDN Forums !

The Voting Count Explanation

The table on the right shows which staff member was voted the most for each placement, meaning some staff members could appear twice. The left side shows the staff members that have the top 3 number of votes for the top 3 places, and for fun, last place.

The "Current Rankings" table (right-hand side) updates every 15 minutes.

The Voting Results

1st Place, Top 3 Voted Staffers
Place: 1 Daring Dante 51 Votes
Place: 2 Games Master Masaryk 24 Votes
Place: 3 Anime the Avenger 17 Votes
2nd Place, Top 3 Voted Staffers
Place: 1 Games Master Masaryk 33 Votes
Place: 2 Anime the Avenger 27 Votes
Place: 3 Versatile V 22 Votes
3rd Place, Top 3 Voted Staffers
Place: 1 Versatile V 24 Votes
Place: 2 Double A 19 Votes
Place: 3 Breaker of Hearts 17 Votes
LAST (17th) Place, Top 3 Voted Staffers
Place: 1 Insane Ian 25 Votes
Place: 2 Vicious Viridian 23 Votes
Place: 3 Alberto the Meridellian Slinger 21 Votes
Current Rankings
Place: 1 Daring Dante
Place: 2 Games Master Masaryk
Place: 3 Versatile V
Place: 4 Co the Crazy
Place: 5 Daring Dante
Place: 6 Double A
Place: 7 Games Master Masaryk
Place: 8 Granta Claus
Place: 9 Insane Ian
Place: 10 Just Jenny
Place: 11 Nellethiel Nathron
Place: 12 Sapphy the Swamp Witch
Place: 13 Serene Spritzie
Place: 14 Nellethiel Nathron
Place: 15 Breaker of Hearts
Place: 16 Versatile V
Place: 17 Insane Ian