Corridor of Chance

1. The Artefact Thief
2. Nox's Castle
3. Into the Fray
4. Shhhhhhh!
5. Battle For Brightvale
6. The Shadows Beneath
7a. The Shattered Plain
7b. Oblivion
8. The Plain of Peace
9a. Xandra
9b. The Return of Oblivion
Trophies and Prizes
Corridor of Chance
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Notice: This game retired in 2013 and is no longer accessible via the NC Mall


The Corridor of Chance is the NC-related event for The Faeries' Ruin. First off, to use this you need access to the NC Mall.

How to Open the Corridor

To use the Corridor of Chance, you need keys from the NC Mall .

Corridor of Chance Key Packs

Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 1-Pack

Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 10-Pack

Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 20-Pack

Once you have your key, you must go to your Inventory, click on the key and choose "Activate your Key Pack." Once this is done you can head on over to the Corridor of Chance to use the Transfabulator.

Prizes & The Transfabulator

Inside the Corridor is the Transfabulator. The Transfabulator can only be used by pets that can wear standard clothing, so no Unconverted pets, Baby, Mutant, or Maraquan pets. You also must have an item attached to it other then a trinket or background. A trick for the machine is if you want a certain type of item such as a wig, have your pet wear only a wig.

Remember, you will only have your key deducted if you successful pull the lever on the right.

Even though the Corridor of Chance was firstly released during the Faeries' Ruin, it was kept around beyond the scope of that event. To see a full list of items you could obtain through this NC-related event, visit our Customization Department.

Special Effects

When using the machine, there is a chance of the special effect, electricity. This will last for 5 days and cause electricity to appear behind your pet.

Written by Ian
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