Part 3 - Into the Fray

1. The Artefact Thief
2. Nox's Castle
3. Into the Fray
4. Shhhhhhh!
5. Battle For Brightvale
6. The Shadows Beneath
7a. The Shattered Plain
7b. Oblivion
8. The Plain of Peace
9a. Xandra
9b. The Return of Oblivion
Trophies and Prizes
Corridor of Chance
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Note: You can no longer challenge these opponents.

Into The Fray

It was a dark... some time... in the Haunted Woods, and our heroes were attacked by a horde of Shadow Wraiths! Now it is up to the Neopian public to save them!

The Main Idea

So, here we are, just what we want, a battle - it even has a Battle Page ! If you head over to the battledome , you'll likely find that underneath the wraith opponents, it says "None left in Neopia". Do not panic! The enemies come in waves of 10,000 to 30,000, and these come every 10 minutes or so. What you want to do is defeat as many of each enemy as you can, earning you points for the plot.

A good news is that TNT lets us know when we have reached the kill cap! Go to your Fearless Deeds and check if there is a notice below the amount of kills you have for an opponent saying "(cap reached)". Such a notice means that you have earn the maximum plot points associated with that type of challenger.

Since this does take place in the battledome, you might want to check out the Battlepedia.

The Enemies

Shadow Wraith Minion
Difficulty Level/Starting HP: 8
Health Increase Per Win: Around 0.7
Difficulty: Very Easy
Enemy Cap: 50 Enemies
Other Notes: Battling this Enemy makes your pet sad.
Shadow Wraith Brute
Difficulty Level/Starting HP: 25
Health Increase Per Win: 2.4
Difficulty: Easy
Enemy Cap: 40 Enemies
Other Notes: Battling this Enemy makes your pet sad.
Shadow Wraith Fury
Difficulty Level/Starting HP: 40
Health Increase Per Win: 4
Difficulty: Moderate
Enemy Cap: 30 Enemies
Other Notes: Battling this Enemy makes your pet sad.

The Fearless Deeds

A Winner Is You!
Good, you managed to avoid stabbing yourself. Now get back into the fight!

To get this achievement, you have to defeat one enemy.

Stand Your Ground
A good defense is the best... defense.

To get this achievement, you have to choose the 'defend' move three time with only defensive items .

Five of a Kind
If this keeps up, we'll win this battle in no time.

To get this achievement, you have to defeat 5 of each Shadow Wraith.

Into the Fray

Get battle updates by visiting the Into the Fray page ! Bonus prizes are awarded to everyone joining the mass destruction. If you have fought during a 'tier', then you are qualified to claim your prize.

Here is a list of Mass Destruction Prizes, to qualify, you simply must beat one enemy per tier.

Tier Prize

750,000 Enemies

Bubbling Healing Goo
Bubbling Healing Goo

750,000 Enemies

Essence of Everlasting Apple
Essence of Everlasting Apple

750,000 Enemies

Sparkle Potion
Sparkle Potion

750,000 Enemies

Super Icy Negg
Super Icy Negg

750,000 Enemies


750,000 Enemies

Ornate Fighting Fan
Ornate Fighting Fan

750,000 Enemies

Ultra Icy Negg
Ultra Icy Negg

750,000 Enemies

Thick Smoke Bomb
Thick Smoke Bomb

750,000 Enemies

Not Defeated!
Written by Ian
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