Games Master Challenge - Day 6

Coverage by The Daily Neopets

Send Scores Challenge
Rigourous As Trying To Fill An Entire Stamp Album Page

Send your score in sixty Qualifying Flash Games .
Mounted Certificate of Mastery

Game Challenge
Get On The List (US Users)

Manage your list and get a score of 150 on Walmart's Make Your List .

Vat's The Idea! (International Users)

Fill the vats with Kreludite while scoring 200 on Freaky Factory . (Guide)
Grundo Thief Plushie

Random Challenge
A Perfect Ten

Send feedback with a score of ten (best) for any qualifying Flash game .

Click here to send feedback!
Chocolate Mynci Noses

Secret Game Challenge
Make Your Move!

Take on your Meepit foes and rack up a score of 250 in Meepit vs Feepit . (Guide)
Meepit vs Feepit Action Figure Play Ring

Theme Challenge
Keep Your Feet On The Ground

Send a 75 score in Ready to Roll .
Send a 200 score in Roodoku . (Guide)
Send a 100 score in Ugga Smash . (Guide)
Send a 55 score in Extreme Herder . (Guide)
Small Glass of Wheat Grass

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