Games Master Challenge - Day 7

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Send Scores Challenge
Difficult As Fulfilling Jhudora's Quest

Send your score in seventy-five Qualifying Flash Games .
Mounted Certificate of Grand

Game Challenge
Berry Impressive

Round up those berries and roll to a score of 125 on Turmac Roll . (Guide)
Turmac Balloon

Random Challenge
Three's the key

Play three qualifying Flash games that are on your favourites list .
Old Boardgame with Missing Instruction Manual

Secret Game Challenge
Ready, Aim, Fire!

As a tribute to Neopia's 10th anniversary, an old favourite has returned! Get a score of at least 25 in Ultimate Bullseye I .

Note: If you had collected this prize before and got nothing, it was reset and you can now get your item!
Neohome Version of Ultimate Bullseye

Theme Challenge
The Sky's the Limit

Send a 250 score in Flycatcher . (Guide)
Send a 1000 score in Spacerocked! . (Guide)
Send a 100 score in Cooty Wars . (Guide)
Send a 125 score in Faerie Cloud Racers . (Guide)
Send a 175 score in Magax Destroyer II . (Guide)
Poetry Balloon

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