Games Master Challenge - Day 7

Game Challenge

Are We Almost Done Yet?

Send a score in 50 different qualifying games .

Game Challenge


Reach a score of 434 or greater playing Petpet Cannonball . (Guide)

Game Challenge

Scaling New Heights

Achieve a score of 47000 or higher playing Shenkuu Warrior II . (Guide)

Timed Challenge (Fire)

Did Somebody Switch Off the Fan?

Achieve a score of 440 or higher playing Volcano Run II . (Guide)

Timed Challenge (Snow)

Skating on Thin Ice

Achieve a score of 44 or higher playing Rink Runner . (Guide)

Game Challenge

Neopia to Grundo, Can You Hear Me?

Reach a score of 300 or greater playing Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars (Guide) and a score of 232 or better playing Lost in Space Fungus (Guide).