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TNT Staff Smasher, the ultimate game of revenge! Many Neopians enjoy this game not only for its simplicity, but the chance to get back at any "wrongful" decisions made by TNT. What are you waiting for? Grab a mallet and let's learn how to play!

Controls & Instructions

Relatively simple. Use the mouse to move around your mallet and then use your spacebar to smash the staff member right on the head! Hitting staff members with your mallet will earn you points, while hitting neopets that pop up in the cubicles will lose you points, so be careful.


Each staff member in the game has different point values when hit, so just look below for the point values of both staff and neopets.

Tips & Strategies

For the first level your mallet will be equipped with a red target on it. This is only to help you through the first level and will be taken away from you on the next level. Without that target on the second level and on, it may seem slightly difficult for you to hit the staff member. This is most likely because you are aiming with the actual head of the mallet. The thing you need to aim with is the small red band directly under the mallet head. This is because it is where the mallet would "technically" hit, if you understand that. The band is circled in the following screenshots:

1st level with target

Other levels without target

The levels will become increasingly more difficult because the staff move up and down very quickly. In early levels, try to hit all of the staff. Once you get up to the higher levels like 9, 10, and 11, try to only go for 1 staff member. If you try to go for more than one, you are bound to miss them and no one wants that. ;)

One of the patterns found in the game is that female staff members are generally worth more points than male staff members. It's not true for all staff but it is for most. No one knows why, maybe the girls are more popular in the office! But if you have to make a choice of who to go for, like in later levels, just go for the girl.

Extra Stuff

The only code for the game is a5paragu5. It doubles the size of your mallet. Personally, I find this completely worthless because it lowers your accuracy and wastes valuable time.

Game name recently changed from Whack-a-Staff-Member due to legal reasons.


Keep practicing this game and eventually you will get the avatar. Just become consistent with smacking staff members! Good luck!

Written by Mike
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