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Job Description

The Daily Neopets is seeking active Neopets players who are Customisation enthusiasts. The ideal candidate has a firm understanding of the NC Mall, Customisation-related things, and enjoys customising their Neopets.

Job Tasks

Specific Preferences

Here are a list of preferences we have. The following are not requirements for applying.

Guidelines for Applying

The people we're looking for must meet the following qualifications. If you do not, please do not apply as you will not be accepted.

Application Form

To apply, please fill out the form below and submit it to us. The star icon () denotes a required field.

Male      Female
Email Address
Neopets Username
Time Zone
TDN Forums Display Name This is your display name on Not required, but please provide it if you have one.
myTDN Display Name This is your display name for your myTDN account at Not required, but please provide it if you have one.
Skype Name Not required, but please provide it if you have one.
Are you on staff at another Neopets fan site right now?
Yes      No
How much time do you spend on Neopets daily?
0-2 hours      2-4 hours      4+ hours
What is your experience level with HTML?
I don't know HTML      <1 year      1-2 years      3-4 years      5+ years
What is your experience level with bulletin board code (BBCode)?
I don't know BBCode      <1 year      1-2 years      3-4 years      5+ years
Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you start playing Neopets? What do you do for work/hobbies in real life?
Please list any web sites of previous experience and include what you did. These do not have to be Neopets fan sites.
Do you have experience with Neopets Customisation as a whole?
Yes      No
Do you customise your Neopets?
Yes      No
How much NP have you spent in total on wearable items?
0-10k      10k-100k      100k-1mil      1mil+
Do you have access to the NC Mall?
Yes      No
Do you buy NC items?
Yes      No
Customisation news updates happen between 10AM-4PM NST. If an update were to happen at this time, could you be online?
Yes      No
Would you be available most days to add new wearable items as they are released?
Yes      No
Can you be online at midnight NST to add items if there is an event?
Yes      No
Have you participated in the Customisation Spotlight on Neopets, or entered the Style Showdown? Winning doesn't matter.
Relating to Customisation, when we say "zone," what does that mean?
If we say a wearable item "affects" one zone and "restricts" two more, what does that mean?
Provide a sample Neopets Customisation article on the topic of your choice here.
Writing articles and prize guides is an important part of what we do here, so we are interested in seeing some of your writing. Using your knowledge of the NC Mall and related activities, please write a sample article on NC Gift Boxes or a sample Mystery Capsule Adventure guide. Include HTML, if you are comfortable doing so. You can write your sample here or give us a URL to a petpage or even a Neopian Times article you've published.

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