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Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest!

on 18 October at 8:41 am NST by Ian


Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest

We are very excited to share the news that Neopets is launching a time limited digital card collection game! Each CryptoQuest card is individually unique and comes with a virtual prize code redeemable for items in Neopets.


This is not your typical Neopian tale about ghouls and goblins lurking in the dangerous Haunted Woods. It all started when Aisha, Draik, Kougra, and Uni decided to go to the Haunted Woods, being brave and curious. Their only way to escape is by collecting items and disguises to transport each to a different Halloween party! Join them on an adventure to complete their quests so they can escape the Haunted Woods!

Play Now!

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NC Mall Haunted Mansion!

on 17 October at 12:17 am NST by Mouseykins

The NC Mall has been taken over by a Haunted Mansion this year instead of ghosts to bop in the annual Haunted Hijinks. In the event, you'll need to be brave and spend a night in the mansion to earn your reward. This event is kicking off the spooky season and will last from October 16th to October 31st. To participate in this event you will need to purchase a Haunted Mansion Creepy Candle Pack available in packs of 1, 5, and 16. There will be bonus prizes for participating in this event. Are you brave enough to spend the night inside the Haunted Mansion?

mall_clo_gothicgetup.gif mall_acc_earringsbarbat.gif


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Happy Jetsam Day!

on 16 October at 3:56 pm NST by hrtbrk

4.png 4.png

Woodland | Maractite

clo_jigsaw_jetsam_mask.gif clo_jigsaw_jetsam_suit.gif clo_jigsaw_jetsam_cycle.gif clo_jigsaw_jetsam_shoes.gif

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Happy Bori Day!

on 12 October at 3:23 pm NST by hrtbrk



clo_freddy_bori_hat.gif clo_freddy_bori_mask.gif clo_freddy_bori_dress.gif clo_freddy_bori_shoes.gif

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Halloween Mystery Capsules Have Landed!

on 10 October at 2:09 pm NST by Mouseykins

Let the haunting begin! The NC Mall has just released two spooktacular mystery capsules. Both of these capsules will only be available for a limited time and will retire after Halloween. Snag them while you can!

Float on over to the NC Mall to pick up your Mummified Retired Mystery Capsule for 150NC. Inside this capsule, you will find items currently retired from the NC Mall Halloween Shop. If you're lucky you may even get two items from the capsule.


Sneak into the NC Mall to find the new Haunted House Mystery Capsule for 150NC. This mystery capsule will award 1 of 7 regular items and has a chance of awarding an additional 1 of three bonus items. What's inside yours?


Regular Items


Bonus Items


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Happy Eyrie Day!

on 10 October at 12:29 pm NST by Mouseykins


Biscuit & Jelly


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Mynci - Halloween Avatar Working Again!

on 5 October at 6:06 pm NST by hrtbrk

The clickable avatar Myci - Halloween is back in working order, just in time for Halloween!

Visit the look up of a Halloween Mynci  with a spooky petpet attached to it (try here) to unlock this avatar now!

Check Me Off Your List

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Happy Grarrl Day!

on 4 October at 6:22 pm NST by Mouseykins
4.png 4.png
Custard & Candy
Comments: 9

Welcome to October!

on 1 October at 12:14 am NST by Mouseykins

TDN welcomes you to the month of October!


Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customisation | Items Database | NeoAvatars | Forums

This month, we have these events:

  • Grarrl Day on October 4th
  • Eyrie Day on October 10th
  • Bori Day on October 13th
  • Jetsam Day on October 16th
  • Symol Day on October 23rd
  • Korbat Day on October 26th
  • Halloween on October 31st


Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers

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Darigan Themed Day!

on 29 September at 10:26 pm NST by Mouseykins
Darigan Vandagyre
Darigan Flosset
Plushie And Toys
plu_darigan_quiggle.gif toy_balldarigan.gif
Darigan Quiggle Plushie | Darigan Ball
Comments: 12

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