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Neopets Dailies Faerie Crossword Answers and Daily Puzzle Answers

Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 4:14 pm NST by hrtbrk


Zombie | Halloween


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Happy Halloween: Trick or Treat Locations!

on October 31, 4:01 am NST by hrtbrk
It's time to put on your costumes and grab a loot bag as we go across Neopia trick or treating for some sweet swag!
View the Haunted Woods between 11:59:00pm - 11:59:59pm NST tonight so you can unlock a spooky theme for the site.


Spooky Furniture: http://www.neopets.c...hop&obj_type=60
Krawk Island Nippers: http://www.neopets.c...iratepets.phtml
Tyrannian Weaponry :http://www.neopets.c...hop&obj_type=45
The Rainbow Fountain :http://www.neopets.c...wfountain.phtml
Igloo Garage Sale: http://www.neopets.c...ter/igloo.phtml
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Unreleased Zombie Petpets!

on October 30, 1:42 pm NST by Ruto

Gallion | Wherfy

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Unreleased Caption 1380

on October 28, 8:33 pm NST by Ruto


Comments: 1

Random Contest Closing; Avatar Likely Retiring

on October 24, 8:41 pm NST by hrtbrk

TNT announced in the news today that the Random Contest is going to close its doors for good after this last round. That means this is your final chance to obtain the avatar and trophy.



Compete in the final contest now!

Comments: 34

Happy Korbat Day!

on October 24, 8:08 pm NST by hrtbrk


Stealthy and Camouflage





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NC Mall: Superpack Sale On Now Through Monday

on October 24, 5:21 am NST by hrtbrk

Treat your pets with a nice 50% off Superpacks in the NC Mall. The discount starts today and will last through Monday!
Unsure what is in a Superpack? Our Customization Department has got you covered!

mall_minipack_school.gif mall_superpack_rapunzel.gif mall_superpack_hero.gifmall_superpack_flowerfun.gif


Click for more information

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