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Unreleased Stealthy Grarrl Morphing Potion

on 23 May at 2:51 pm NST by hrtbrk

Grarrl lovers will soon be able to purchase this new morphing potion!


Stealthy Grarrl Morphing Potion

Comments: 2

Happy Moehog Day!

on 15 May at 1:54 pm NST by hrtbrk


Jelly | Custard

clo_moehog_wig.gif clo_moehog_dress.gif clo_moehog_necklace.gif clo_moehog_gloves.gif clo_moehog_shoes.gif


Comments: 26

Altador Cup Prize Shop Closing May 12th!

on 5 May at 1:14 pm NST by hrtbrk

If you still have points sitting in last years Altador Cup prize shop, now is the time to spend them as the shop will close next Friday, May 12th.

Passionate about the Altador Cup? Consider joining our team in writing role-playing interviews, match-up articles & more! Without you guys, these features will not run so APPLY NOW!



Comments: 0

Happy Hissi Day!

on 4 May at 1:19 pm NST by hrtbrk


Custard | Biscuit

clo_Hissi_wing.gif clo_Hissi_wig.gif clo_Hissi_shoes.gif clo_Hissi_dress.gif

Comments: 16

Happy Lupe Day!

on 2 May at 12:27 pm NST by hrtbrk


Clay | Dimensional

clo_lupe_top.gif clo_lupe_sword.gif clo_lupe_cloak.gif clo_lupe_shoes.gif

Comments: 16

Welcome To May!

on 1 May at 12:00 am NST by hrtbrk

TDN welcomes you to the month of May!


Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customization | NeoAvatars | Forums

This month, we have these events:

  • Lupe Day on May 2nd
  • Hissi Day on May 4th
  • Tyrannian Victory Day!!! on May 12th
  • Moehog Day on May 14th
  • Koi Day on May 25th
  • Yurble Day on May 28th


Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers

Comments: 6

The Daily Neopets Is Hiring All Positions!

on 27 April at 4:11 pm NST by hrtbrk

The Daily Neopets is seeking motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer Neopians to join our staff!  If you are interested, please apply to join our team below!

NOTE: Most positions require some HTML and BBCode (TDN forums coding) knowledge; training will be available.


mall_cheerleader_80x80.gif Altador Cup Team [APPLY] - Seasonal position that includes midnight NST work of publishing daily match results & news stories.

sta_fyora_faerie_doll.gifAvatar Team [APPLY] - Responsible for updating links for avatar pets, new avatar solutions, and posting avatar news. [BBCode]

bd_faerieacornslingshot.gif Battlepedia Team [APPLY]- Testing weapons, adding new artillery and posting news are top priority. [BBCode]

boo_tyweof2013_exnohoon.gifContent Team [APPLY] - Help the community with various guides, site events and more. (HTML)

clo_bori_flowerdress.gifCustomisation Team  [APPLY]- Adding new wearable items, posting pet day & NC mall news, as well as Neocash guides(HTML )

toy_altador_cup_gold_whistle.gifForums Moderator [APPLY] - Help keep The Daily Neopets Forums neat and tidy by helping enforce rules. [BBCode]

boo_midnight_wait.gifMidnight Team [APPLY] - Posting Daily Faerie Crossword Answers at Midnight, as well as helping other departments with midnight updates when applicable. (HTML)


Comments: 1

Happy Cybunny Day!

on 27 April at 1:16 pm NST by Mouseykins


Elderlyboy and Elderlygirl

clo_Cybunny_hat.gif clo_Cybunny_top.gif clo_Cybunny_pant.gif clo_Cybunny_shoes.gif
Comments: 5

Happy Kougra Day

on 24 April at 2:58 pm NST by hrtbrk



clo_Kougra_cap.gif clo_Kougra_dagger.gif clo_Kougra_pants.gif clo_Kougra_shoes.gif clo_Kougra_shirt.gif
Comments: 26

Happy Lutari Day!

on 19 April at 12:36 pm NST by hrtbrk



clo_lutari_headaccessory.gif clo_lutari_shoes.gif clo_lutari_bottom.gif clo_lutari_top.gif

Comments: 15

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