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Neopets Transition Updates

on September 20, 6:39 am NST by Rune Valentine

Welcome back, Neopians! Well, for those of you who can get in, anyway.
As of earlier today Neopets has come back online, only to be somewhat functional. Several things are still unavailable:

  • NC Mall: Currently unavailable - you can not purchase items or redeem NC Cards
  • Premium Account Management: You currently can not purchase a subscription or edit your current subscription. If you currently have premium, it should be working just fine
  • Premium Scratchcards: They have not been given out for this week, but will be handed out as soon as the system is back up
  • Timed content: Things like Faerieland Employment Agency, Food Club, etc. will not be running properly at this point

Some other issues that have come up since the servers re-opened (these are issues TNT is aware of)

  • Log-in issue: Be assured that your accounts are safe, it's a server-side issue that might not get resolved until tomorrow
  • Poogle Day: Poogle Day content will likely be released next week once everything is in order
  • Site functions not working properly: Not being able to withdraw multiple items from your SDB, collect bank interest, withdraw from shop till, pages not loading properly
  • Pages loading slowly: Again, still part of the server transition and things may not load as quickly...yet.

For those of you who can get on, don't forget to visit the New Features page to grab your I survived the Neopocalypse! avatar.



More updates can be found on Neopets' Twitter and Facebook.

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Neopets Downtime

on September 16, 6:42 pm NST by Ruto

Update: The site is now down.

The transition to Jumpstart will begin tomorrow, September 17th. The downtime is not expected to start until late in the morning.


  • The site is expected to be down for two or three days. During this time, you will see the Down for Maintenance Pteri or a notice that Neopets does not exist at all. Rest assured that your account data is safe and will return once the transition is complete.
  • For NC or Premium users, any lost time or items affected will be compensated in some way after the site returns. More information will be posted when it is available.
  • Habitarium and Petpet Park will not be a part of the site anymore.
  • Key Quest may be down for around a week after the site is back online.

To follow Neopets through their transition to Jumpstart, visit their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
And as always, TheDailyNeopets and TDN Forums will keep you informed about all Neopets news.

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Unreleased Caption # 1375

on September 16, 5:14 pm NST by hrtbrk


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Annual Chocolate Ball Is Here!

on September 15, 6:40 pm NST by hrtbrk

Enjoy these new chocolate items!





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Poogle Day Is Approaching!

on September 15, 5:42 pm NST by hrtbrk

Poogle Day is September 19th, but we've got a preview of upcoming clothes!



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Unreleased Wraith Plushies!

on September 15, 5:37 pm NST by hrtbrk


Techo | Kougra

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Introducing The Daily Neopets Graphics

on September 15, 4:50 pm NST by Ian
Exciting news, TDNers. Today we're launching a brand new department! Say hello to TDN Graphics. TDN Graphics offers an ever-expanding library of all kinds of graphics: user lookups, pet lookups, gallery layouts, shields, and various backgrounds.

Have fun customizing! Team TDN loves you. And a huge shout out to the amazing Izzy for heading up this department!


Click here for TDN Graphics!

TDN Graphics is accessible under Articles from our main site navigation and is located under TDN Network on our various departments.
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