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The new format of the Cup has not proven helpful to the Mermaids. After their brief stint in fourth place during Altador Cup VI, they dropped back down to eighth with the introduction of the new format, and seem to have stabilised in the middle tiers since. Unlike many teams, and in a change from their earlier years, Maraqua tends to find a steady pace for the season and sticks to it. This doesn't exactly make the team a powerhouse, but they shouldn't be underestimated by those pushing for the top tier, as the Mermaids have been known to give a nasty tail slap to the unwary. Their tight-knit fanbase keeps them going, even after many teams lose steam.

Team Stats At A Glance

Average Annual Ranking: 7.14
Overall Annual Ranking: 7th
Fan Base: Medium
Sportsmanship: Exceeds Expectations
Yooyuball Skill: Average
Slushie Slinger Skill: Average
Make Some Noise Skill: Good
Shootout Showdown Skill: Very Good
Overall Skill: Good

Predicted Final Tier: Upper Middle

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Official Chat Group: WAM! - We Are Maraqua!

Team Song

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Song credit: Piranhas by MMO (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 )


Elon Hughlis Name: Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis
Species: Acara (Male)
Position: Centre Forward
Strengths: Scoring, "Clutch" Performer, Toughness
Weaknesses: Passing, Leadership

Tonie Plessix Name: Tonie Plessix
Species: Koi (Male)
Position: Goalkeeper
Strengths: Size, Good Reflexes, Strong Instincts
Weaknesses: Quickness, Stamina

Oten Runeu Name: Oten Runeu
Species: Skeith (Male)
Position: Centre Defender
Strengths: Strength, Size, Tenacity
Weaknesses: Scoring, Craftiness

Lamelle Turow Name: Lamelle Turow
Species: Kiko (Male)
Position: Left Defender
Strengths: Strength, Tenacity, Stealing the ball
Weaknesses: Guarding, Size

Barit Jowes Name: Barit Jowes
Species: Techo (Male)
Position: Right Defender
Strengths: Guarding, Blocking, Consistency
Weaknesses: Scoring, Inexperience


Eliminated by Meridell in the first round.

Ranked 9th with 41 wins, 9 draws and 40 losses overall.

Ranked 10th with 35 wins, 11 draws and 44 losses overall. Got 2nd place in Group 3 in the finals.

Ranked 5th with 49 wins, 15 draws and 56 losses overall. Winner of Group 2 in the finals, beating Mystery Island.

Ranked 5th with 79 wins, 25 draws and 51 losses overall. Winner of Group 2 in the finals, beating Virtupets.

Ranked 4th with 82 wins, 25 draws and 45 losses overall. Got last place in Group 1 in the finals, losing to Kreludor.

Third Runner-up in ACVI.

Ranked 8th with 43 wins, 11 draws and 42 losses overall. Got last place in Group 2.

Ranked 9th with 59 wins and 41 losses overall. Tied with Haunted Woods.

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