Edna's Quests

"I'm searching for the missing ingredients for my latest spell... eheheheh. If you find them for me I will reward you with a treat. Interested?"

The Quest

Edna the Witch, the one and only resident of the slightly run down Witch's Tower is a struggling witch that just doesn't seem to be able to master her witchcraft. It takes her hours to find the spell or potion she needs and once she does, chances are next to none that she'll be able to find the ingredients she needs. Of course, that is where you come in! If you can find what Edna needs within a certain time limit (usually two to three hours), you will be rewarded... sort of... usually just a couple Neopoints and a spooky food item, that half the time are worth next to nothing.

So is it worth your while to do the quests? Well, thats hard to say. If you have plenty of money and the items are fairly cheap, you might as well go for it, there is a chance that you can make some profit, but if you are low on cash and the items look a bit too expensive, its best not to attempt it. Just think to yourself (or out loud if you really want to), would you be too disappointed if you got no prize? If your answer is yes, its best not to attempt the quest.

The Avatar

Some say you randomly receive this avatar when you complete one of Edna's Quests, but that is supposedly untrue, according to one of Neopets' Programmers there are specific requirements that you must complete in order to receive the avatar. Unfortunately those requirements are unknown at the time, so your best bet is still to complete Edna's Quests until you get the avatar. While many think it's more likely with 3-item quests, it's possible with fewer items. In short, just keep questing!

Written by Ryan
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