Festival of Neggs 2016


The yearly Festival of Neggs has returned as a way to celebrate all things Spring- and negg-related. This year's Festival will begin on March 24th and end on April 8th.

NOTE: Day 1 of the event will begin on March 24th and run through March 25th.

How It Works

Topsi is back this season and he is hiding around Neopia! Every day he will provide clues for us to find him.

Once you have found Topsi for the day, he will offer you one of three of the special themed Neggs. Upon choosing, Topsi will give you a random one of the three prizes from that Negg. There are 5 different themed neggs in total, but each time you find Topsi he will randomly choose which three to offer you.

Finding Topsi every day on release, will reward you with a bonus prize at the end of the event.

Topsi Locations

Day Clues Location
March 24-25 I'm not too sure why a Cybunny would need extra furs. Merry Outfits
March 26 Is a picture really worth a thousand words? How would you know for sure? Art Gallery or
Storytelling Contest
March 27 Fortunate is the one who understands that there's no one quite like Topsi the Cybunny. Wise Old King
March 28 There are many ways to get a weapon - this one's pretty unusual. Coltzan's Shrine
March 29 Topsi loves greenery, and often looks for secluded areas where he can enjoy nature in peace. Illusen's Glade
March 30 Stay in Kyruggi's good books, and you won't have any trouble looking for Topsi here. Tyrammet Village
March 31 The last he was seen, Topsi was muttering something about needing a new Katana. Wonderous Weaponry
April 1 Neggs aren't the only things you'll find here! The Money Tree or
The Rubbish Dump
April 2 Topsi said he wanted a new buckle for his overalls. Cog's Togs
April 3 Well-off Neopians can enjoy a sumptious meal once they've collected their Negg today. Kelp Restaurant
April 4 Read about the historic battle between an evil Grarrl and a heroic Lupe as you poke around for Topsi. Neopedia: Tyrannian Invasion
April 5 A Chia with knowledge of magic may be able to help you out today. Magical Marvels
April 6 You probably shouldn't follow Topsi here, unless you're the adventurous kind. The Haunted House
Keep Out!
April 7 Will you find a Negg or ancient treasure today? If you're lucky, you could get both! Treasure of the Black Pawkeet
Deserted Tomb
April 8 Before you go looking for Topsi, you should probably go looking for yourself. Faerie Personality Quiz

Negg Prizes

There are five different themed neggs that you can be offered, each with three unique prizes.

Carrot Negg

Carrot Floor Lamp

Carrot Skirt

Negg Filled Carrot Basket

Chocolate Negg

Chocolate Cybunny Plushie

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Carrots

Chocolate Neggs Foreground

Cybunny Negg

Cybunny Wind Up Toy

Patterned Cybunny Garland

The Festival of Neggs Cybunny

Flower Negg

Jelly Bean Flower Cookie

Flower Teapot

Galaxy Hair with Flower Accessory

Food Negg
Easter Cake

Easter Caramel Latte

Easter Treats Stamp

Magical Neggs

Upon choosing your Negg you will also be given a Magical Negg that can only be used by purchasing Mysterious Dust in the NC Mall. For prize listings and more information, please view our guide.

Bonus Prizes

Neopians who found Topsi every single day of the event qualified for a special bonus prize, specific to the event.

Not only did you solve each of my clues, you did so on the same day they were put out. I'm giving you three prizes for all that hard work:
Fancy Cybunny Mask
Fancy Cybunny Mask
Quaint Negg House Background
Quaint Negg House Background
Easter Chick Candy
Easter Chick Candy
I’m impressed, you solved each of my clues. I'm giving you two prizes for all that good work:
Fancy Cybunny Mask
Fancy Cybunny Mask
Easter Chick Candy
Easter Chick Candy
You managed to solve some of my clues! I’m giving you a prize for that good effort:
Easter Chick Candy
Easter Chick Candy
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