[Old] Referral Prizes

With Premium, you can refer users, and if they choose to stay (meaning they pay), then you get referral prizes! A lot of these prizes are very cool.

Referral Chart
1st Referral 1,000 NP and 10 random Codestones
2nd Referral
Lucky Space Faerie Charm
3rd Referral Your choice of a Electric, Snow, Disco, or Stary Paint Brush.
4th referral
Premium Avatar
5th Referral Premium Theme
10th Referral Choose one of five collectors packages. (see note below).
15th Referral Choose one of six collectors packages. (see note below).
20th Referral Choose one of seven collectors packages. (see note below).

The avatar, theme, and Lucky Charm will go away if you cancel Premium, but you will get them back if you get it again on the same account.

Premium Avatar Extra Information - This avatar is not included in your total avatar count.

Collection Packages

Stamp Collection - Assorted Fruits Stamp, Mystery Island Kougra Stamp, Skeith Bank Manager Stamp, Island Native Stamp, Esophagor Stamp, Hubrid Nox Stamp, Coco Stamp
Note: Package choice available at 10+ referrals.

Purple Collection - Purple Skateboard, Purple Juppie Pudding, Purple Poogle Toy, Purple Stocking, Regal Purple Petpet Cushion, Purple Mynci Puppet, Purple Zafara Plushie, Purple Ixi Acorn
Note: Package choice available at 10+ referrals.

Battledome Collection - Earthen Scorchstone, Downsize!, Lost Desert Dagger, Scarab Stone Slingshot
Note: Package choice available at 10+ referrals.

Garden Collection - Yellow Chomby Gnome, Star of Paradise Flower, Stylishly Simple Pond, Rubber Plant, Furry Autumn Bushes
Note: Package choice available at 10+ referrals.

Musical Instrument Collection - Harmonica, Silver Triangle, Accordion, Saxophone, Piano, Oboe
Note: Package choice available at 10+ referrals.

Plushie Collection - Baby Zafara Plushie, Yellow Yurble Plushie, Cloud Kiko Plushie, Island Acara Plushie
Note: Package choice available at 15+ referrals.

Cupcake Collection - Olive Cupcake, Gooseberry Cupcake, Kreludan Jelly Cupcake, Chocolate Poogle Cupcake, Orange Kougra Cupcake, Pomegranate Cupcake, Iced Eyrie Cupcake
Note: Package choice available at 20+ referrals.

All Referral Prize info came from this petpage .

Interested in trying Premium Neopets? Check out our How to Sign-Up page.

Written by Ian
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