Wishing Well

Next to the Kadoatery in the Neopian Plaza is the Wishing Well . It functions almost like every other wishing well in the universe, but there's one difference - it actually works.

How It Works

Every day, the Wishing Well grants wishes, to 20 lucky Neopians. At 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. NST, (7:00 during Daylight Savings Time), the Wishing Well awakes from its slumber to make 10 wishes come true. It actually grants wishes in 2 batches of 5, at each of these times; that is why the Wishing Well description says it grants wishes 4 times per day. These wishes are chosen at random.

Anyway, to make a wish, you simply type in the item that you want (be specific!) and an amount of Neopoints that you wish to donate. While you can donate any amount you want, the Wishing Well turns a deaf ear to wishes made with less than 21 Neopoints. As far as I know, the amount of Neopoints you donate has no effect on anything else. It will also only listen to the first 7 wishes you make. Luckily, though, you can make 7 wishes for each of the 12-hour periods between the Well granting wishes. That means you can make a total of 14 wishes every day.

The Items

Tired of only winning paint brush plushies from the Wishing Well? Unfortunately, there is a "rarity cap" on the items the well gives out. In other words, the well doesn't give out items above a certain rarity. The rarity is speculated to be r89. That said, don't expect a Paint Brush, a Draik Egg, or any other really rare item from the Wishing Well. The Well simply isn't rich enough to give out those kinds of items. It is best to wish for an expensive, low-rarity item, such as a Bag of Peanuts, a Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag, or that new background you want.


To get the Wishing Well avatar, visit the Wishing Well and make a wish with a donation of 48,673 NP. Remember to make it one of your first 7 wishes for the day! Don't forget to visit the NeoAvatars checklist to check off this avatar!


If you would like to know more about the Wishing Well, you can read more about it at its Neopedia article.

With the enormous chances against you, is it worth even trying to get an item from the Wishing Well? In fact, the answer is yes. If you were to make your 14 wishes with 21 Neopoints, each time, it would only set you back 294 Neopoints per day. That's not a very big sacrifice, considering that you could be winning an item worth a couple hundred thousand Neopoints! Why not give 21 Neopoints and a few seconds of your time for a chance to win an expensive item? After all, your wish might just be GRANTed... (Pun intended. =P)

Written by Grant and Meghan
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