Mystery Capsules (New)

Mystery Capsules have taken a new spin! Starting in June 2014, they have been revamped with an awesome new square look and twist! Instead of awarding random NC items worth the amount of the capsule from the NC Mall, they now have exclusive items that can't be bought anywhere else in the NC mall. There is the possibility of selecting one (or two) categories for some of the Mystery Capsules. You also have the chance to win additional bonus items, like the previous capsules. Check out our guide to read more about the old Mystery Capsules.

Click on the images for more information. All Mystery Capsules and Gift Box Mystery Capsules can be found in our database here.

Retired Item Capsules

You now have the chance to be awarded retired items from the NC Mall! Each retired item mystery capsule is unique. For example, the Retired Blue Summer Shop Mystery Capsule will provide the chance to win one (or two) retired Summer shop NC items. Once opened, you can select one or two categories if you are lucky! The categories include: Backgrounds, Trinkets, Clothing, and Accessories. If this type of capsule intrigues you, head on over the NC Mall's Mystery Capsule section to view the current selection available for purchase.

Click on the above mystery capsules to be taken to their guides.

Gift Box Mystery Capsules

Check out the beautiful new design for the Gift Box Mystery Capsules! There is a nice surprise when opening these. You can now receive two NC Gift Boxes as the minimum box count. Each Gift Box Mystery Capsule still contains NC items worth the value of the capsule, and between two and five gift boxes. The number of gift boxes included is completely random. When Gift Box Mystery Capsules are released, they are only available for a limited time.

Gift Box Mystery Capsules are considered very valuable. They allow players to gain gift boxes for trading and gifting NC without buying NC cards. Not all regions are able to access NC, so these capsules are important and convenient for them. When trading on the Neocash board, one Gift Box Mystery Capsule is valued as one "cap" for retired NC items. You will also find this trade "currency" on NC value guides. To learn more about NC trading, read our NC Mall Trading Guide.

Written by Sabs1
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