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This is The Daily Neopets' comprehensive and up-to-date Neopets dailies list. Neopets has created lots of fun activities on the Neopets site that give out Neopoints and Neopets items for free. We've compiled a list of Neopets links that you can visit for all of these Neopets freebies. By using our Neopets guide here, you should be able to get lots of free Neopoints and more!

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Neopets Dailies, Neopets Freebies, Daily Do Links

We are aware the Bargain Stocks link still does not work due to the semicolon. We no longer require tickets informing us; please use this link instead. Thank you.

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The Classics Wheels Win Items FCA and DPA
Pay NP & Win Other Neo Do's Quests Contests
The Classics - Free Neopoints, Items, Food, and Neopets Freebies (top)

Soup Kitchen

Free Jelly

Giant Omelette

Interest @ Bank

Money Tree

Second-hand Shoppe

Rubbish Dump

Altador Prizes

Shop Till

Shop of Offers

Trudy's Surprise

Favorite Games

Monthly Freebies

Movie Central

Obsidian Quarry

Apple Bobbing

Anchor Management

Mysterious Negg Cave

Battleground of the Obelisk

Grave Danger

Kiko Pop

The Neopies
Spin the Wheels and Do the Scratchcards (top)

Wheel of Mediocrity

Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of Misfortune

Wheel of Knowledge

Wheel of Monotony

Wheel of Extravagance

NC Archives Wheel

Winter Scratchcard Kiosk

Spooky Scratchcard Kiosk

Desert Scratchcard Kiosk
Win Items, Neopoints, Stat Increases (top)



Guess the Marrow

Wise Old King

Grumpy Old King

Deserted Tomb

Fruit Machine

Coltzan's Shrine

Deadly Dice

Kreludor Meteor


Underwater Fishing

Hide n' Seek

Qasalan Expellibox

Lunar Puzzle

Potato Counter

Forgotten Shore

Healing Springs

Faerie Crossword and Daily Puzzle Answers (top)
Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play]
5. vampire
6. moehog
8. orange
11. pirate
12. sink
14. eight
15. nine
1. nothing
2. samrin
3. tarla
4. meowclops
7. bruce
9. green
10. sarah
13. ixi
Governor Gavril McGill is a member of which Neopian species?
Answer: Krawk
Prize: 284 NP
Pay Neopoints and Win (top)

Smuggler's Cove

Garage Sale

Buried Treasure

Poogle Racing

Turdle Racing

Lever of Doom

Grarrl Keno

Neopian Lottery

Test Your Strength

Wishing Well

Coconut Shy


Cork Gun Gallery

x2 or Nothing

Kiss the Mortog


Bargain Stocks

Pick Your Own

Food Club

Snow Wars

Almost Abandoned Attic

Faerie Caverns


Scorchy Slots



Toy Repair Shop
Other Neopets Stuff To Do (top)


Symol Hole

Lab Ray

Petpet Lab

Stock Portfolio

Neopets News

Neopian Times

Island Training

Pirate Training

Ninja School

Trading Post

Auction House

Employment Agency


Featured Band


Island Mystic

The Golden Dubloon

Kelp Restaurant

Merry Go Round

Tiki Tours


Tarla Myst. Shop

Tarla's Non-Toolbar Treasures

Multiplayer Competition

The Kadoatery

The Neggery

Plushie Tycoon

Magma Pool

Tangor's Workshop



Neoquest II

NeoCola Machine

Alien Aisha Vending Machine
Neopets Quests (top)

Illusen's Quest

Jhudora's Quest

Brain Tree Quest

Esophagor Quest

Kitchen Quest

Snow Faerie Quest

Edna's Quest

Faerie Quest

The Coincidence
Neopets Contests, Spotlights, and Competitions (top)

Lenny Conundrum



Gourmet Club

Site Spotlight

Petpet Spotlight

Pet Spotlight

Art Gallery


Better Than You

Neopian Times



Mystery Pic

Story Telling


User Lookup

Make 100,000+ Neopoints Today

Lots of people underestimate the power of Neopets' flash games. Just play a bunch of Neopets games and try and score really high. Lots of points yield lots of Neopoints! Here is a list of Neopets games that you can play along with how much you should be able to score. Remember: practice makes perfect!

Use our Master Neopets Cheat List for these games!
We have many game guides located in our Neopets Game Guides section too.

   Play Featured Game

Play Games for Neopoints (top)
Petpet Rescue
Score 260 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Itchy Invasion
Score 1230 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Fashion Fever
Score 300 pts/game
300 NP x 3 = 900 NP
Edna's Shadow
Score 1120 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Chef Academy
Score 490 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Extreme Potato
Score 160 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Jubble Bubble
Score 900 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Meerca Chase II
Score 720 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Kreludor Caves
Score 33330 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Bouncy Supreme
Score 1670 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Smug Bug Smite
Score 400 pts/game
400 NP x 3 = 1200 NP
Graveyard II
Score 560 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Cooty Wars
Score 1040 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Extreme Herder
Score 360 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Cloud Raiders
Score 2780 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Snot Splatter
Score 16670 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Score 100000 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Shenkuu Tangram
Score 2000 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Cloud Racers
Score 430 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Nova Defender
Score 100000 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Nimmos Pond
Score 1430 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Wheeler's Ride
Score 350 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Snow Roller
Score 2000 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Chia Bomber 2
Score 550 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Neopian Battles
Score 100000 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Bullseye II
Score 220 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Jungle Raiders
Score 600 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Score 100000 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Stowaway Sting
Score 660 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Mootix Drop
Score 890 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Score 1720 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Usuki Frenzy
Score 500 pts/game
407 NP x 3 = 1221 NP
Maths Nightmare
Score 1410 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Faerie's Folly
Score 1470 pts/game
1000 NP x 3 = 3000 NP
Catch the Petpet
Score 700 pts/game
490 NP x 3 = 1470 NP
Petpet Pair-Up
Score 400 pts/game
408 NP x 3 = 1224 NP

Daily Total: 99,015 NP
Weekly Earnings: 693,105 NP
Monthly Earnings: 2,970,450 NP

Sponsored Neopets Games

By playing regular Neopets games and these sponsored games, you can make up to 2+ million NP! Sponsor games are generally easier than regular games; a lot of the time it's just answering any question on a quiz.

Please Contact Us if a sponsored game is no longer working, so we can remove it.

Sponsored Neopets Games (top)

Super Shopping Spree

NC Shopping Race

School of Dragons

Additional Tips To Make Neopoints

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