Games Master Challenge - Day 4

Coverage by The Daily Neopets

Send Scores Challenge
Ambitious As Wanting To Paint Your Neopet Royal

Send your score in thirty Qualifying Flash Games .
Framed Certificate

Game Challenge
A Rather Grave Situation

Travel through the tombs and post a score of 100 on Mutant Graveyard of Doom II . (Guide)
Mutant Kacheek Squeezy Toy

Random Challenge
Think Hard, Now...

Rate the difficulty of any Qualifying Flash Game a 10. You must use the coloured bar along the top of the game.
Easy-to-make Insta-meal

Secret Game Challenge
Tomb For Improvement

Lay those Ghost Petpets to rest and earn a score of 75 on Ghost Bopper . (Guide)
Ghostly Greeble Punching Bag

Theme Challenge
Dark Times Ahead

Send a 250 score in Carnival of Terror . (Guide)
Send a 100 score in Edna's Shadow . (Guide)
Send a 350 score in Korbats Lab . (Guide)
Send a 60 score in Feed Florg . (Guide)
Dark Faerie Scroll

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