Games Master Challenge - Day 6, 2010

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Send Score Challenge

Guys, My Finger's Really tired D:

Send your score in 60 different qualifying games .

Finger Splint

Game Challenge

It's Almost Hypnotic O.O

Get a score of 200 in Hasee Bounce . (guide)

Look A Hasee!

Secret Challenge

Wait, This Doesn't Exist

Send a score of 400+ in Bouncy Supreme . (guide)

Jelly Blumaroo Plushie

Random Challenge

We Love Them All

Send a score in a qualifying game with two million or less plays (This one works! ), and one with over 20,000,000 plays (This one works! )

GMC Nesting Dolls

Theme Challenge

No Thanks, I'm Stuffed

Score 150+ in Feed Florg (guide)
Score 40+ in Snowbeast Snackrifice (guide)
Score 450+ in Flycatcher (guide)

Fancy Kitchen Background

Lulu (NC Mall) Secret Challenge

Complete any of the Day 6 challenges

Bouncing Warf Trinket

Lulu (NC Mall) Petpet Challenge

Complete two of the Day 6 challenges

Pogo Stick Trinket

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