Games Master Challenge - Day 4, 2009

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Non Game
Rate any two qualifying games (these two work fine). You can rate a game by loading its introduction page and clicking on the 'rate this game' icon in the bottom right corner. The Secret of Tagobo
The Secret of Tagobo

Send in a score of 350 or more in Chemistry for Beginners (guide). Chemistry Candy Set
Chemistry Candy Set

Send in a score of 300 or more in Bouncy Supreme (guide). Jelly Hand Mirror
Jelly Hand Mirror

3 Times

USA Players
Send in a score of 2,500 or more in BodyByMilk Skateboard Refuel three times (hit the up arrow key repeatedly to do combos for more points).

Non USA Players
Send in a score of 650 or more in Advert Attack three times (guide).

Tombola Tips
Tombola Tips

Send Scores
Send your score in 30 Qualifying Games . Green Uni Morphing Potion
Green Uni Morphing Potion

Lulu (NC Mall) Secret Challenge
Send in a score of 50 or more in Mynci Beach Volleyball (guide). Net Bag With Volleyballs
Net Bag With Volleyballs

Lulu (NC Mall) Petpet Challenge
Send in a score of 100 or more in Bumble Beams . (guide) Bumble Beams Earrings
Bumble Beams Earrings

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