Games Master Challenge - Day 5, 2009

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Puzzles of Space
Puzzles of Space

Heroes & Villains
Lord Darigan Stamp
Lord Darigan Stamp

Send in a score of 2,700 or more in Meepit Juice Break (guide). Turtum

3 Times
Golf Clubs with Fuzzy Covers
Golf Clubs with Fuzzy Covers

Many Games
Send your score in 40 different Qualifying Games . Taelia Doll
Taelia Doll

Lulu (NC Mall) Heroes & Villains Challenge
Send in a score of 150 or more in Kass Basher (guide). Kass Basher Flag
Kass Basher Flag

Lulu (NC Mall) Species Challenge
Send in a score of 1,500 or more in Goparokko (guide).
It has been reported that people who have completed this challenge are not receiving their prize. This is most likely a glitch.
Goparokko Staff
Goparokko Staff

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