Games Master Challenge - Day 7, 2009

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Send in a score of 325 or more in Stowaway Sting (guide). Scrap Paper
Scrap Paper

Heroes & Villains
Send in a score of 175 or more in MAGAX: Destroyer II (guide). Evil Cybunny Plushie
Evil Cybunny Plushie

3 Times
Send in a score of 700 or more in Imperial Exam (guide) three times. Professor Hugo Fairweather Plushie
Professor Hugo Fairweather Plushie

Send in a score of 50 or more in Snowbeast Snackrifice (guide). Snowbeast Horns
Snowbeast Horns

Many Games
Send your score in 70 different Qualifying Games . Vernax

Lulu (NC Mall) Secret Challenge
Send in a score of 200 or more in Wingoball (guide). Gnome Background
Gnome Background

Lulu (NC Mall) 3 Times Challenge
Send in a score of 30 or more in Ultimate Bullseye II (guide) three times. Ultimate Bullseye Balloon Bouquet (image seems to be broken)
Ultimate Bullseye Balloon Bouquet

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