Games Master Challenge - Day 8, 2009

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3 Times
Send in a score of 850 or more in Super Hasee Bounce (guide).
At the moment, it seems that TNT mistakenly labelled this as a 3 times challenge. You can actually get your prize with just one score of 850 or above.
Grinning Sloth Stamp
Grinning Sloth Stamp

Non Game
Rate 20 different Qualifying Games . To do this, go to a game's introduction page and click on any one of the brightly coloured sloping bars in the box near the top right. Dr Sloth Collectables
Dr Sloth Collectables

Send in a score of 3600 or more in Spinacles (guide).

This Challenge's prize is showing up on the GMC main page, but the prize is not appearing in inventories yet.

Spinacle Thought Bubble

Send in a score of 400 or more in Barf Boat (guide). Anti-Sea Sick Pills
Anti-Sea Sick Pills

Many Games
Send your score in 85 different Qualifying Games . Almost Big Book of Slothy Recipes
Almost Big Book of Slothy Recipes

Lulu (NC Mall) Petpet Challenge
Send in a score of 125 or more in Petpet Plunge (guide). Marafin Hat
Marafin Hat

Lulu (NC Mall) Secret Challenge
Send in a score of 375 or more in Top Chop (guide). Top Chop Background
Top Chop Background

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