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Once you're in the full flow of things, Bouncy Supreme can be a really fun and easy game. It's colorful, too, which is of course much nicer on the eyes than some games ;)

Bouncy Supreme requires a little bit of thinking but you'll need to be fast to complete it. The game itself is not linked in the Game Room, as it is from Jelly World, which of course does not exist .

In the game, you play as a Jelly Blumaroo who has bounced too far from home, and wants to get home - unfortunately, a rather evil Pterodactyl has decided that the Blumaroo will be his victim, so you must help him get home without being eaten! You must jump on pillars to get across the lava and get home quickly.

Instructions & Controls

During the game, you are playing as the Jelly Blumaroo. To jump, you must use the left mouse button. Actually moving is easy, but moving so that you get the correct jump - predicting whether or not you will fall into the boiling lava or not - makes the task rather more difficult.

For an indepth strategy, just read below. Here is a look at the game screen.

What do each of these mean? Let's slice it apart!

  • Time Remaining: How much time you have remaining to jump
  • Pterodactyl Clock: A countdown just like the Timer. Press r to hide this.
  • Angle of Jump: The angle of the jump. We go into detail about this below.
  • Power of Jump: How much power you put into the jump.
  • Score: Slightly obvious.
  • Lives: How many opportunities and lives you have remaining.
  • End Game: Again, obvious.

Pretty simple, 'eh?

Tips & Strategy

During the first three jumps that you do, you get a beautiful little guide on where to jump.

On these first three jumps, the guide is easy to use. A line of flashing dots are given. Moving your mouse around, you will notice that the guide moves. You need a dot to touch the pillar. Once a dot has touched the pillar, click to let the Blumaroo bounce.

After those first three bounces, you lose the guide and in it's place, Coins appear. The more of these coins you get, the more time added on you can receive. But don't make collecting the coins your Number 1 priority; you need to make sure that you can get the jumps right, first.

There are 3 main type of jumps. Here, we will analyze all three of them.

Level Pillars: 60-70% Power
A tip to remember for all of the jumps that you do, aiming between the first and second coins will usually do well. But what you really need to pay attention to is the Power of the Jump, as this will always help you. A mixture of both the Power and location of where you're jumping will gain the best jump.

Here, the Level Jumps are easy, where the Pillars are more or less on the same height. To pass these, you'll need to make sure that your power is between the 60/65-70% mark. Going less than 60 and higher than 75 here will not bode well for you. But, it all depends on the difference in height between the Pillar that you are standing on and the one that, hopefully, you are about to land on.

Lower Pillars: 57-65% Power
Pillars that are lower than the one that you are standing on require less power to be able to complete. They are relatively easy if you are following the correct percentages - but here, usually, you want to concentrate on percentages as opposed to between-the-coins, as the coins may well be too high. Use a 57-65% power here. Lower than 57% could cause you to miss it just slightly.

High Pillars: 68-80% Power
Pillars on the higher tier can be a little harder to work out which is the best Power Percentage to use, but they can be done. Again, you need to think about the percentage wisely. As you will have noticed by now, the Power of your jump is what controls the game.

The Perfect Jump
If you do a Perfect Jump, whereby you collect all of the coins in that Jump, you get extra time. The amount you are given depends on which type of coin you collected - Gold coins are worth the most, and give you between 5-6 seconds. You also receive a boost to your score.

Codes and Cheats

Type any of these during gameplay for them to come into effect and work.

  • r - Turns the Pterodactyl Watch on/off.
  • bouncebouncebounce - Extra life. You get one more life, and you can only use this once per game, so only use this if the Pterodactyl is getting too close for comfort.


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To complete this game, your objective will really be to watch the Power of your Jump.

A tip is to remember what percentages you will need for certain jumps. A lot of the time you may just be 1% out and miss it, which can get frustrating, but once you get better at it - which is something I'd recommend you try to do - you can easily start to earn some easy Neopoints.

Note that anywhere between the First and Second Coin will be where you are, generally, aiming for, but you need to keep watch on your POWER to get the majority of your Jumps correct, and thus do well in the game.

To get a Bronze Trophy from this, you will need about 41,000 points. Good luck, and happy bouncing!

Oh, and in case you wondered, the game never finishes - so you never know if that Blumaroo gets home or not! Lets just hope with your help, he gets all that much closer.

Written by Samuel
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