The Great Qasalan Caper

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Heermeedjet and Merouladen. Two devious little Meercas. They've been all around Neopia up to no good, causing havoc everywhere! Now you get to play them as they dive into the Qasalan Royal Treasury to retrieve what Jazan had ordered his craftsmen to create in honor of Nabile: 100 golden statues. They should be given to her on her birthday, but the Meerca Brothers have other ideas.

Controls & Instructions

Using either the mouse or the keyboard, you operate both Heermeedjet and Merouladen on ropes to pass the statues through various obstacles and to the bottom.

To use your mouse, move it to either Heermeedjet or Merouladen's side and move your mouse up or down to control what level they are on and use the left mouse button to move that level across. Using the keyboard, you change between the Meercas using the left and right arrow keys, move them up and down levels using the up and down arrow keys and move levels across using the spacebar. The Meercas can only move a level in the way they are facing.

Tips & Strategies

There are quite a lot of things to look out for in the Royal Treasury, so here's what you could be greeted with when you play the game, along with how to avoid losing out:

Firstly, if one Meerca is glowing, you are in control of that Meerca. If it is glowing gold you can move the level the Meerca is on. You can only move levels where there are statues on. And one moves in the opposite direction of the other, so this can be annoying if you're playing using the keyboard.

Nabile statues: These are your main objective to complete the level. You must get these statues to the bottom safely, avoiding any traps along the way, such as Lyins. To get a statue to the bottom, you have to shift that level towards a hole on the level below it and let it fall through. Getting a statue to the bottom earns you 25 points.

Lyin: Avoid these at all cost! Once they pop out of crates at the start of the level, they move around randomly, breaking crates, eating coins and, most importantly, devour your statues. If they do eat one of your statues, you lose 10 points and the statue appears at the top level. Usually, they eat the statues as you stupidly dropped them onto them. So... don't do it! :D They can also eat them if they are next to them, so act quick if that's the scenario. They can't go through stone blocks, so you will be safe if one of them is between your statue and a Lyin.

Geb: The other extreme. These friendly little Petpets are there to help you. If one of your statues lands on it (from 2+ levels high) it will burrow quickly downwards and avoid everything, even Lyins! So, if they are positioned well (unlike the Geb in the scenario above) these can give you valuable bonus points with a quick time.

Lever: These can be really helpful or very, very annoying. When a statue is dropped onto it (from 2+ levels high) it shuffles the level and column it is on like a wheel. It can stop really quickly, or take a long time. It can either stop at the bottom and drop your statue for 25 points, or shoot it back to the top. It can drop it on a gem, or a Lyin. It's random, but is worth a try.

Timer: These give you 10 seconds more time in the royal treasury. Although you may not need them in the earlier levels, they can give you 10 more points as a bonus for completing the level with time to spare. They are invaluable in the later levels, with many statues and little time to get them all to the bottom.

Coin: These give you 10 points to add to your total. Just fall on them from any height and receive the bonus. Although it isn't much, it could mean the difference between the silver and gold trophy!

Theres one that isn't in that scenario. It's a rare occurrence, but it's possible to get one of these in the later levels.

Gem: These give a whopping 50 points if you drop a statue on it. If you see one, try and get it. If you're running out of time, don't try, however. If it's on top of a Lyin, go for it. 50 points, minus the 10 from the Lyin is a +40 bonus. Why waste the opportunity?

Game Over: You lose the game if you run out of time to steal all the statues. It happens that a row is full of crates and that it's impossible for you to move the statues further down because of it. In these situations, hope that a Lyin eat a crates and then move away or try to land one of your statue on a lever to randomize the puzzle.

Extra Stuff

Ollie, the phantom orange shirt guy, sometimes makes an apperance in this game. When one of your Nabile statue is dropped on him, all the Lyins of the level are cleared out!


With a little luck, some skill and the odd bit of know-how, you'll be a true robber in little time. Although you don't get to take the Nabile statues when you win, you could be taking a gold "The Great Qasalan Caper" trophy instead. Good luck!

Written by Matt
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