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In this game, you play as two Hasees playing see-saw, catapulting each other into the air. You can only control one Hasee at a time, right after being catapulted from the see-saw. Your goal is to collect as much doughnutfruits as you can before time runs out. Beware of dungs, slime, and other nasty things. If you get hit by them, you'll be temporarily stunned, which means you can't get any doughnutfruits for about 3 secs. At certain times of the game, letters will appear. They can either be orange or purple letters, which spell out the word HASEE. Woogy, the Orange Hasee, only picks up orange letters. Jimmi, the Purple Hasee, only picks up purple letters. Once you complete the word HASEE, you'll gain 20 seconds. Collect letters with the same color (all orange letters OR all purple letters), and you'll gain 40 seconds.

Instructions and Controls

You can use your mouse to move the Hasees, and click the mouse to make the Hasee jump. You can also use the keyboard by pressing the left and right arrow keys to move the Hasees, and the spacebar to jump.

Tips and Strategies

Here is the scoring system:

Doughnutfruit Points
Yellow 1 point
Blue 3 points
Green 4 points
Silver 5 points
Gold 10 points
Checkered 12 points
Sponge 15 points
Flaming 18 points
Ice 20 points
Rainbow 40 points
Fish 50 points
Faerie (with wings) unknown 80 points
Orange Shirt Guy 42 points

Before a non-yellow doughnutfruit appears on the screen, there will be a warning notifying you of an upcoming special doughnutfruit. Every now and then, phrases such as "OMG! A Blue Doughnutfruit!" or "OMG Plus! Fish Doughnutfruit!!!" will appear on the screen.

There are times when multiple doughnutfruits appear on the screen. If you catch more than one in just one jump, the second doughnutfruit you get will be worth double its original points; the third will be tripled, and so on. For example, if you get a Yellow one (1pt), then a Blue one (3 pts), the Blue doughnutfruit will be worth 6 points instead of just 3! That's a total of 7 points in just one jump! This scoring system also applies with letters that you will catch during the game. Always remember this Score Multiplier System. This comes out handy in the game.

Extra Tips

  • Clicking the star in the upper right-hand corner ends the game and allows you to send your score
  • It is easier to use the keyboard than the mouse. You'll have more balanced gameplay this way, and you'll be needing two hands with the keyboard (left hand for the spacebar, and right hand for the arrow keys); rather than playing with only one hand using the mouse, which is actually frustrating.
  • As much as possible, try to collect letters with the same color, as it adds up 40 seconds to your time. The game knows which letter/s you need to collect to complete the word "HASEE". So, if you already have "HASE", this will only increase your chances of getting another "E". Let's say, you have an all-purple "SEE". I suggest that you try not to get orange H's & A's, as there won't be any purple H or A appearing once you get the orange ones. So be careful.
  • In the event you see two different doughnutfruits, one with greater value than the other, try to get the one with the lower value first, before getting the one with the higher value. This means the second one you get will be worth double its original points.
  • As soon as you get hit by a pile of dung or slime, quickly jump and take control of the other un-stunned Hasee.

Moving on...

Extra Stuff

  • Cheat: Type in doughnutfruit to reset the time. If you're using the mouse, you can immediately type doughnutfrui (without the t) at the Title Screen, then just type the t anytime in the game. It is recommended that you do this cheat when the time is nearly finished.
  • Cheat 2: When the countdown starts at 3, immediately type in "hasee" until you get to one. Then type in "fishnegg" or "faerienegg" - it apparently brings better doughnutfruits. :)
  • Cheat 3: If you type "pleasegivemeonemillionneopointsthankyouhasees", the game pauses and Hasees spin around as the million counts down. It doesn't have any effect on the game but it's fun to watch.
  • Music: You can download the game soundtrack here ! It's in mp3 format which is supported by most things these days.
  • Orange Shirt Guy: Did you know that there is an actual Neopets staff member that will show up during this game? Yup, that's right... the Orange Shirt Guy will show up! He was just recently added to the game and if you catch him, he's worth 42 points.

That's it!


In conclusion, we've learned all the basics of Hasee Bounce, how much each doughnutfruit is worth, and how the Score Multiplier System works. We've also learned about the cool cheat that doubles your time limit. As I always say, practice makes perfect. Try and try until you master this game. I hope my Game Guide helped you! ^_^

Written by Hyperknuckles
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