The Kadoatery

Have you ever been in the Neopian Plaza and seen the building with the cat like thing on top? The one that's reeeeeally noisy? Well, then you've seen the Kadoatery. If you haven't:

The Kadoatery

That's it right there.

Kad feeding is, contrary to popular belief, a game. A GAME. Just to clear things up here and now, overfeeding is allowed. Got a problem with it? Take it up with TNT. Anyone can feed if they click fast enough.

Anyway, Kadoaties, or Kads, are cat like petpets that wail loudly if they are hungry, upset in any way, or if the lights are out. So, like TNT says, they are a pain in the neck. Kad petpets are very, very expensive, about 2.5 mill for an unpainted one. No matter how many Kads you feed though, you cannot receive a Kad from feeding.

Basic Kad Feeder Terms

If you decide to brave the insanity of the Kad boards (found in the Games boards), you'll need to know these terms.

  • Kad: Short for Kadoatie.
  • RS: Restock. When the Kads ask for more food.
  • RF: Refresh at the kadoatery.
  • Main: The time when most of the Kads RS.
  • Mini: The time when a few Kads RS, usually caused when someone feeds a UB.
  • Pend: The time between the given time for main to start and the time the Kads refresh.
  • Overfeeding/Overfeeder: The act of feeding/A person who feeds more than the necessary 75 Kads to go Pink.
  • Pink: A term used to describe a person with 75+ Kad feeds, earning them the Kadotery - Mew! avatar, which is pink.
  • Mewbie: A person new to Kad feeding, usually referring to people with 10 or less feeds.
  • UB: UnBuyable. A Kad food that is worth 100k or more.
  • HN: Had Nothing. Said when you didn't have anything the Kads asked for in that Main.
  • CF: Congrats Feeders. Quick way to say congrats to anyone who fed during a Main.
  • Pwned: When someone beats you to feeding a Kad.
  • Inventory: The type of food a person keeps in their inventory to feed Kads.
  • BDE: Blue Draik Egg. A no longer asked for UB Kad food.
  • RDE: Red Draik Egg. A UB Kad food that is sometimes seen when a glitch causes Kads to ask for foods up to R100.
  • MKIC, BPP, BEMB, SPS, GS/GSS: Mint Kyrii Ice Cream, Blue Pepper Pizza, Baby Elephante Milk Bottle, Seafood Pasta Salad, Grape Slurpship. Commonly asked for UB Kad foods. There are more UB Kad foods (such as Vinarok and Frozen Negg) that do not have abbreviations, some of them common, and others rare.

A Kad Overview

No idea what a Kad is? This is for you.

Map of a Kad
  1. Unfed Kad
  2. Fed Kad
  3. Kad Name
  4. Fed Status
  5. Kad Picture
  6. The Item the Kad Wants
  7. The Person Who Fed the Kad

When you want to feed a Kad, just click on the picture of the Kad.

Kad Names

Kad names are generated randomly from a set. They vary from staff names (Snarkie, Viola, Adam, Donna, and sometimes TPOSG), popular fictional characters (Sasuke, Kakshi, Draco, Kif, Percy), Neopets characters (Sophie), random normal or just plain odd names (Muffy, Daisy, Taffy, Thomas, Jimmi, Kittybums), and things that you're not quite sure where came from (Megabyte, Inara, Binary, 01101011, 1337).

The Art of Kad Feeding

At first glance, feeding doesn't seem all that hard. Find out what the Kad wants, get the item, click the Kad to give it. While that is the base of how it works, it's not that easy. A lot of other people will be trying to feed during main. This is not something you want to do with a slow computer.

The quickest way to know when to refresh for main is to go to the kad board in the games chat. It will have "Kadoatery Feeding Times & Lists" in the title. Remember to read the first posts and to not chat there! If you look at the most recent (last) post on the board, you'll see when the next refresh is. These are the different formats you'll see for times with XX standing for the minute numbers you'll see:

  • New Main @ :XX: This is basically a reminder time for main. Kads don't go at this time, but will pend for seven minutes instead.
  • Main Pending rf @ :XX: When the time says pending, Kads might go at the time noted. Be sure to refresh at the kadoatery 22 seconds after the minute listed! If you refresh and the kads don't go, then this time will have 7 minutes added to it as another pend.
  • New Mini #Y (Z) @ :XX or Mini #Y (Z) Pending rf @ :XX: If there is a mini, it will be listed along with the main. The Y is the mini number and Z is the number of kads in that mini. Most people won't number a mini unless there are multiple minis and won't note the number of kads unless there is more than one.

If you refresh the kad page and the kads are asking for food, move quick! If you're fast enough, you'll get the feed and see a page that says you have successfully fed the kad along with the number of total kads you have now fed. If someone beats you to the feed, you'll get a page that says the kad has already been fed by someone else. You can try for another kad, but most that aren't UBs will be fed very quickly.

Fed Kad

Simple enough right? Now, let's get into the different types of feeding.

Types of Feeding

Inventory Feeding

Inventory feeding is the most commonly used, and quickest, way to feed. It's generally viewed as the best way to feed for beginners. You keep food to feed the kads with in your inventory (max of 50). For inventory feeders, it's best to have one or two types of food in your inventory. This set is called your inventory (very original, huh?). Foods can be split up by the shop you buy them at or a word they have in their name. "Hot dog", "soup", and faerie food feeders are examples of these. And remember that while you won't be frozen automatically for having more than 50 items in your inventory, you might if you keep it up for a long period of time. It's best to keep a few slots open anyway for gifts your friends want to send you, or if you want to buy something.

  • Pros: Fastest way to feed for someone of regular speed.
  • Cons: At the mercy of the kads; you can only attempt a feed if the kads ask for one of your items. You also invest neopoints in buying about 50 items upfront.

SDB Feeding

SDB feeding is a lot like inventory feeding, but a little more complex. For this one, you need two screens up: the Kadoatery and your SDB. When the Kads RS, you check for items you bought and put in your SDB. If you see an item, you quickly switch tabs, search for the item in your SDB, get it out, switch back to the kadoatery tab, and click the Kad to feed it. It's best not to have a PIN on your SDB for this type of feeding as it will slow you down.

  • Pros:A larger variety of food available, so you get more attempts than with invent feeding. Usually faster than SW feeding as well.
  • Cons: You're slower than invent feeders, so you'll get beaten by them on average. You also invest a lot of neopoints into buying kad items upfront for your SDB.

Shop Wiz Feeding

Shop Wiz (SW) feeding is the hardest kind of feeding, and requires a very, VERY fast computer. For this, you have up two screens: one with the Kadoatery and one with the Shop Wiz (Search Items set to identical to my phrase plus a fair amount of NP on hand). When the Kads RS, you pick one of the items that comes up, copy and paste it (using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) into the SW Search box, search, click the first user that comes up, buy as fast as you can, and then switch back and click the Kad to feed. Sometimes you'll get a shop with a lot of graphics in it, and that's just bad luck. If you don't get the feed, some feeders make a profit kadding by selling the foods from those failed attempts at a higher price.

  • Pros: You can attempt to feed in every main since it doesn't really matter what the kads ask for.
  • Cons: This is arguably the slowest of the main 3 ways to feed a kad, so it's more likely that you'll be beaten.

A lot of people will use combinations of two of these 3 types of feeding, and some even use all three! Now, there is one more type of "feeding," but it is very expensive and largely impractical.

UB Feeding

UB feeding is the surest way to get a feed, but it is very expensive. UB feeders will check to see what UB items are being asked for at the moment and go out and buy the expensive foods and feed them whenever. Remember, feeding a UB at a time other than main will cause a mini.

  • Pros: Well, it is almost guaranteed you'll get the feed.
  • Cons: This type of feeding is so incredibly expensive that you won't make it to 75.

Sometimes a glitch will cause Kads to ask for foods at R100 and below instead of R95 and below. When this happens, sometimes a RDE will be asked for. This is very rare, but can have interesting effects at the Kad boards.

Kad Feeding Trophies

You can get a trophy from Kad feeding, and an avatar.

Feed 1 Kad Feed 10 Kads Feed 25 Kads Feed 75 Kads
Kad Bronze Trophy Kad Silver Trlphy Kad Gold Trophy Kadoatery - Mew! Avatar

Useful Kad Links

Food List #1 | Food List #2
The Food Lists here are updated regularly, and are useful for picking your inventory.

Games Board
Location of the Kad boards.

Kad feeding is very fun, and very competitive. Hopefully you'll be able to feed enough Kads to go Pink soon with the help of this article!

Written by Animetriplicate and Ali Cat
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