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Kiko Match II is a matching game. The rules are very simple: flip over the cards two at a time and try to find a match. You must find all the matches before time runs out.

Instructions and Controls

Click the card to flip it over. You can keep it flipped over as long as you want, but after you flip another card over, they will hide their images again in a moment, and you'll have to click them again if you want to look at them once more.

Game Settings

  • First of all, set the game quality to "low" - it will help the game run faster, saving you precious seconds.
  • Each game size has advantages and disadvantages. Playing on "small" is easier because you need less time to move the cursor around the game field, but you can have trouble understanding what card it is if you have a high screen resolution and/or your sight isn't that good. Playing on "large" helps you see things better, but you need more time to move the cursor from one card to another. Find out which works best for you by trying different window sizes.
  • When the game starts, turn the animation off, it will also make the game run a bit faster.

Types of Cards

There are ten Kiko types in the game (see the picture below):

Each Kiko type can have one of the following background colors: blue, red, yellow or green (in fact, there are only 6 Kiko types that can have a green background, but other colors represent all ten types during the gameplay). So there are 36 possible matches in total, and you'll have to find them all in the last level :) It seems to be a lot, but it's not so hard, actually.


*Note: numbers in brackets show the quantity of pairs with each background color, e.g. "10 blue, 10 red, 4 yellow" means that there are 10 pairs of cards with a blue background, 10 with a red background, and 4 with a yellow one).

Level 1: time limit - 10 seconds, 2 pairs of kikos (2 blue).
Level 2: time limit - 15 seconds, 3 pairs of kikos (3 blue).
Level 3: time limit - 20 seconds, 4 pairs of kikos (4 blue).
Level 4: time limit - 25 seconds, 6 pairs of kikos (6 blue).
Level 5: time limit - 30 seconds, 8 pairs of kikos (8 blue).
Level 6: time limit - 55 seconds, 10 pairs of kikos (10 blue).
Level 7: time limit - 70 seconds, 12 pairs of kikos (10 blue, 2 red).
Level 8: time limit - 85 seconds, 15 pairs of kikos (10 blue, 5 red).
Level 9: time limit - 105 seconds, 18 pairs of kikos (10 blue, 8 red).
Level 10: time limit - 155 seconds, 21 pairs of kikos (10 blue, 10 red, 1 yellow).
Level 11: time limit - 175 seconds, 24 pairs of kikos (10 blue, 10 red, 4 yellow).
Level 12: time limit - 205 seconds, 28 pairs of kikos (10 blue, 10 red, 8 yellow).
Level 13: time limit - 255 seconds, 32 pairs of kikos (10 blue, 10 red, 10 yellow, 2 green).
Level 14: time limit - 255 seconds, 36 pairs of kikos (10 blue, 10 red, 10 yellow, 6 green).


"Eliminate by background color" You can't use this strategy in levels 1-6, because all the cards there have a blue background. But when you get to level 7, there will be some cards with a red background. What you do is quickly click all the cards one by one, looking for the ones with the red background, and memorize where they are and what types of Kiko they have on them. When you find them all, match them to eliminate them from the game field, and then continue matching the ones with the blue background, just like in earlier levels. Always start with the smallest number, e.g. in level 10, start with searching for the yellow cards, because there are only two of them to find, then you may do either blue or red, because they both have 10 pairs of them.

"Eliminate by Kiko type" This strategy is similar to the first one, but this time you search for the certain Kiko type, not the background color. What you do is click the first card and see what Kiko type it has (let's say, it has the sad yellow one). Then you click each card one by one searching for other sad yellow ones and eliminate them. After that, choose another type and continue.

"Eliminate by background color and type" This strategy combines the previous two. Choose a number of cards your memory can hold. Usually it's four or five, or maybe a bit more, depending on how good your memory is. Let's say you chose four. Click the first four cards and memorize what they are, including both the Kiko type and the background color it has. Then start clicking the remaining cards one by one, looking for the same ones you've memorized. After you've found all four and matched them, open the next four ones and continue.

Find out which strategy works best for you!

Game code/Glitch warning

There is also a code, "ineedmoretime", which generally adds you 15 seconds to the current level time limit once per game. But sometimes (on a very rare occasion, though) it gives more time - it's random, and you can get up to 2,000 seconds of extra time! (according to what some people claimed during the Daily Dare 2008 day when Kiko Match was the game of the day). That is how people get scores like 1,500 and trophies. No one still knows for sure whether it's a glitch or not, so I wouldn't suggest you continue playing if you got more than 15 seconds after using the code. Getting the trophy is sure tempting, but keeping your account safe is better than that, isn't it? :)


The game isn't hard, it just requires concentration, so I'm sure you can do it. Remember, practice makes perfect! I hope you'll master this game soon enough!

Written by Niki
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