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Imiya, a young Aisha, has a huge math test tomorrow... and she can't seem to get her revision out of her dreams! In this game, you attempt to solve the math problems she dreams of, making the Baabas jump over the fence and keeping Imiya asleep at the same time. Watch out for that nasty alarm clock though - you wouldn't want it to go off and wake Imiya up!

Controls and Instructions

When you begin a new game you will be given two options - the type of problems you want to have, and the difficulty. For the type of problems you can choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a combination of all four. Depending of the type of problem you have chosen, you will receive a different amount of points per problem. Addition gives 5 points per problem, subtraction gives 10 points per problem, product gives 15 points per problem, division gives 20 points per problem and random gives 25 points per problem. As for the difficulty, there are three levels - Easy Peasy, Potato Counter and Brain Tree.

The difficulty level determines by how much your final score is multiplied when you die. The score you can see in the bottom right of the game screen (screenie below) is multiplied by two on Potato Counter mode, and by three on Brain Tree. Technically, your score is also multiplied by one on Easy Peasy mode - but hopefully, as you're playing a math-based game, you'll know that anything multiplied by one just stays the same :)

Once the actual game starts you will see a screen similar to this:

This game uses a combination of the keyboard and the mouse, which can be rather irritating at first. You click on a maths problem with the mouse to "select" it, and then type in the answer with your keyboard. For each math problem that appears, a Baaba will get held up behind the fence. As you answer the questions the Baabas will jump over the fence and continue off the other side of the screen. If you leave a problem too long, its corresponding Baaba will get pushed out by all the ones behind it and it will hit the timer, ending your game!

The timer works somewhat strangely in this game - it's "continuous", which means that the amount of time you have left depends on how much you had left at the end of the previous round. The timer resets to full at the end of the third, seventh and twelfth levels. You can also reset it manually once per game with the code letimiyasleep.

Tips and Strategies

The biggest tip for this game is to play division on Potato Counter mode. This may seem like it would be harder, but actually - it's easier! The answers are mostly just one digit long and this means that it's a lot quicker, something that you will need in the later levels where time is short.

Play with both hands - one on the mouse and the other on your number keys. This saves time you would've used up switching from keyboard to mouse. It's also slightly quicker if you use the side number pad rather than the numbers above your letter keys but don't worry too much if you don't have a number pad, with a little bit of extra practice (so you can hit the correct keys without looking at them every time) you will be fine.

Use the letimiyasleep code wisely. If you're after a high score (or the avatar) you should be able to get to the level seven time-reset without using it - that way you have it to use later, when you're expected to do more rounds in the same amount of time! Watch your timer and know which round you'll need to use the code on before it begins - this way you can type in all but the last "p" before you start the level and the timer counts down more.

Finally, the problems have a delay between you solving one, and the next appearing - but they always appear in the same places, in the same order! To save yourself precious seconds you can position your mouse over where you know the next one is coming so that you can click and quickly type in the answer. Here's the pattern they appear in:

The Avatar

The Baaba - Maths Nightmare avatar is awarded to everyone who is in the top fifty on the Maths Nightmare high score table when trophies are awarded each day. This is generally easiest around the beginning of the month, as less people have had the chance to send amazingly high scores before you. Trophies are awarded around 11.40 PM NST each day.


This game can be quite a challenge, and the combination keyboard/mouse controls may take some getting used to, but with some practise you'll be on your way to getting a trophy - and the avatar - in no time!

Written by Izzy
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