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Note: To play the game, you must use this link .

Despite the name of the game, NeoQuest 3D is NOT in 3D. In fact, this game is not even found in the Games Room. You can only play it by using the link above or by clicking a certain banner in Meridell Castle , as shown below.

As mentioned previously, the game is not at all 3D. In reality, it has absolutely no images. The loading screen, as pictured below, is the only 3D part of the entire game.

Instructions & Controls

All you have to do is progress through the story by making various choices, similar to playing through a NeoAdventure. Throughout the game, you will be prompted to press a certain key on the keyboard depending on your choice. For instance, for yes or no, it will say "(Y/N)". If your choice is yes, then press Y. If your choice is no, then press N.

Tips & Tricks

When you win the game, you get a random amount of neopoints, with the maximum being 1000. Like any other flash game, you can only submit your score for neopoints up to three times a day.

Here is the solution to the game based on the keys you have to press. W is west, E is east, S is south, Y is yes, and N is either north or no. If there is a dash, that means that you can press any key (and it will say "Press any key to continue.").

  1. -
  2. N
  3. Y
  4. -
  5. -
  6. E
  7. -
  8. E
  9. Y
  10. Y
  11. N
  12. E
  13. N
  14. Y
  15. W
  16. Y
  17. Y
  18. -
  19. Y
  20. -
  21. N
  22. E
  23. Y
  24. Y
  25. S
  26. S
  27. W
  28. W
  29. N
  30. W
  31. S
  32. W
  33. Y
  34. Y
  35. S
  36. N
  37. Y
  38. -


Neoquest 3D is a fun game the first time around, but it gets boring once you know the storyline. It's a good way to pass the time, and it at least gives out some neopoints. I don't recommend playing it often, but it's always a good break from some other games *cough* that are actually 3D *cough*.

Written by Ian
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