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Habitarium - Tips and Strategies

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Welcome to Training

Welcome to Advanced Habitat Training. Here you will learn how to start and manage your habitat.

Starting Out

When you start the game, choose the 3rd. This map is the most resource-plentiful and has them placed along the map in the most convenient areas. When you start, you will have 5000 of each resource. First, you will have to build a Storage unit, then I suggest building 1 nest and 2 houses, or vice-versa.

Your goal is to have enough houses so you do not need to harvest Pollen, Water, or Grass. This way you can keep harvesting Mud, Stone, and Wood for more buildings. Remember, one house can accommodate three petpetpets.

Soldiers should have the priority when it comes to housing - put them in first, then as many nesters and workers as you can. After that, just put in your remaining petpetpets. Speaking of soldiers, remember to keep 1/4 to 1/3 of your population battle ready.

Keep Going!

Once you've gotten your housing stabilised, keep it going, and remember that at level 13 you can make houses that hold 5 petpetpets each. You'll need 2 nests to efficiently keep your population up, and 3 storage buildings to buy Hospitals and Barracks.

Once this is all done, just keep operating as is, and everything will work out!

Passing 50

50 is currently the maximum level. Once you reach this level, you can still earn neopoints. You must gather a certain amount of resources and a purple gem will appear on your habitat. Every time you collect one, you will get 500 NP!


You've finished with the guide! There's some more information on Neighbors to go over now that you have mastered your own Habitarium. Have fun playing!

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