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This game, though mainly based on luck, has a few strategies and quirks to it. With this guide you should be able to get the avatar after a few days, that is if you don't get into a fight with the Tyrannian pets who host the game!

Controls & Instructions

Most likely one of the simplest controls for any game. Two cards will be presented to you, just like a 52-deck of cards, with Neopian images on it (Aces high). One is face up, the other is face-down and you have to choose if you think the face down card is higher or lower than the face up one. Just click either 'Tyranu' or 'Evavu'. If you don't happen to speak the language, Tyranu means higher and Evavu means lower.


The scoring for this game is a little funky, so here is the chart taken directly from the game:

Tips & Strategies

As I said before, this game is mostly luck but there are some things you should be aware of. For twos always choose Tyranu, because there is not a lower card. I'd also recommend that you choose Tyranu for cards 2 - 6 because there is a higher probability of you being correct. This does mean you can still be incorrect, though. ;) For Aces, always choose Evavu, since there can be no higher card. My next recommendation is that you chose Evavu for cards 9 - A, again because of probability.

Now it is time for the difficult part we've all been waiting for. When you are showed middle cards (for instance - 7 and 8) there is almost equal probability of being right or wrong. You could always say Tyranu for 7 and Evavu for 8 but it is usually better to go 'against the flow'. This means, if you have been having one option for a while, like a row of Tyranus, you have to imagine an Evavu will be thrown in somewhere. So once you get a middle one, it is usually luck / instinct that you will go on. The above strategy was based mainly on my opinion and what works for me.

Another strategy would be to write down all the cards as they show in the game (in a document with numbers 2 to 14 marked at the left). For any card that come, you can then establish probability for it to be lower or higher. This strategy comes handy if you manage to guess right the first rounds of the game.


This game is quite simple so you can have that avatar within a few days. Just remember the probability of each choice and you should be fine. Good luck!

Written by Mike
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