Part 5- Offensive Strike

1. Choose Your Allegiance
2. The War Begins
3. Second Assault
4. Raiding Party
5. Offensive Strike
6. Final Invasion
7. Surprise Attack
9. Prizes
10. After the Truce
11. Skirmishes

Mysterious Obelisk
Battledome Opponents
Challengers Guide
Scanning for Relics (NC)
Digging out the Obelisk
Luminous Casks (NC)
Faction Challenges
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Skirmish Guide
Factions introduction videos:
Thieves Guild - The Sway - The Order of the Red Erisim - Brute Squad - Seekers - The Awakened
For your information: This step is no longer completeable.


Highly trained elites have exploded into action, leaving lesser forces stunned. This is serious. There isn't even a rumour of cake out there.

How to Help Your Faction

Similar to the first days of battle, you'll need to head over to the Battledome to ruff up the newest wave of big enemies. Beware, the newcomers are stronger than the last wave, so watch your step (and your tail)! The old enemies appear to still be lurking, however, so if you don't want to contend with new challengers, you can continue to keep the minions at bay, though this will not fill your "Doing Your Part" bar..

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There are two new hidden achievements for the second round of battle:

Achievement How to Unlock Prize

Fight ALL The Challengers!

...Fight ALL the challengers? *sigh*
Fight each challenger once.
Lesser Healing Scroll

Positively, Naturally, And Really All Around Inconceivable

I built up a resistance to being defeated.
Win 10 times in a row.
Grey Shield

Do Your Part

To make sure everyone gets a fair shot at the enemies, only a certain amount of battles counts towards your faction. You will have done your part if you fight 45 enemies on the mighty difficulty, 50 times on strong or 64 times on average. Losses and draws will also contribute to filling your progress bar, but one loss or one draw will fill it less than one win and if you lose or draw, you will not heal after battle. Waiting too long to do your battles will result you having to do more to fill your bar. For every wave released after the one you haven't filled the bar for, more battles will be added to the number you need to complete!

You can see how far along you are by checking out the "Doing Your Part" meter underneath your war battle stats. It appears that an added bonus of fighting these new challengers, your pet heals completely after winning a battle. Must be some mysterious faction magic afoot. Once you've completed all your battles, you'll get a full meter with a checkmark:

After filling your bar, you can continue to battle, if you wish, and your stats will continue to be tracked on the obelisk page.

If you fill your bar for the wave after the next wave has been released (for example filling the bar for the first wave after the second wave was out), you will receive a green checkmark on your bar:

Additional Challenges

In addition to the secret achievements for each wave, additional challenges are still coming up as Random Events when on the Obelisk page. Check out the Faction Challenges page for complete info and prize list!

Neocash Battle Prizes

New Orange Casks have been discovered among the possessions of the new wave! Get your key from the NC Mall and open the casks to reveal some exclusive prizes!

Written by Xepha
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