Part 8: Moltara Meltdown

1. The Map
2. The Pocket Watch
3. Liftoff!
4. Mysterious Orchid
5. Quick Feet
6. Heated Situation
7. Overflow
8. Moltara Meltdown
9. Prizes
NC Challenge
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Update: Unfortunately, the core stabiliser has now been fully repaired, so this step is no longer available for completion.

19. Read Chapter 11.

20. Go to the cavern and click "Enter the Cavern".

21. Once you enter the cavern, balance the block by clicking the arrows under the image and follow the instructions on the image. If the tower is tilting towards the left, click the right arrow. If the tower is tilting towards the right, click on the left arrow.

Do this 6 to 24 times (sometimes more), once every 5 minutes, and you should receive one of the following five prizes:

Molten Rock Fire Muffin Molten Pile of Dung Rock Mote Underground Explorations
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