Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge

1. The Map
2. The Pocket Watch
3. Liftoff!
4. Mysterious Orchid
5. Quick Feet
6. Heated Situation
7. Overflow
8. Moltara Meltdown
9. Prizes
NC Challenge
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Jordie needs your help! Complete Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge and earn prizes. You have until December 2nd to complete all 4 challenges that will unlock a special prize for you.

First of all, head to the NC Mall and buy a Atlas of The Ancients NC Challenge Quest Ticket for 600 NC. This ticket will allow you to take part in all 4 challenges. The ticket can also be gifted to any of your friends if you have a spare gift box. Please note that you must complete the regular plot steps before unlocking the NC challenge.

Activate your ticket by selecting it in your inventory and by choosing the "Activate Quest Ticket" from the drop down menu.

Go to the Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge page and select your challenge. Now all you need to do is to sucessfuly complete your mission and to claim your prize.

NC Challenge 1

1. Activate the first challenge at the NC Challenge page.

2. Go to Altador and click on the Magical Marvels shopkeeper.

3. Play Crisis Courier and beat the score of 450 to win the prize, Altador Courier Bag.

NC Challenge 2

1. Activate the second challenge at the NC Challenge page.

2. Go to the the Healing Springs in Faerieland and continuously click on the pool of water the faerie's tail is in. An image should pop-up telling you that a prize, Healing Springs Foreground, has been received!

3. Go to Faerieland Colouring Pages and in the second to last row in the second column, click on the image with Jordie in it. A pop-up will appear hinting for the player to visit Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers .

4. Beat the score of 160 in Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers to win the prize, Magical Faerieland Painting.

NC Challenge 3

1. Activate the third challenge at the NC Challenge page.

2. Go to the the Ice Crystal Shop in Terror Mountain and click on the shopkeeper to receive your next hint.

3. Beat the score of 100 in Snow Roller to win the prize, Sparkling Ice Caves Background.

NC Challenge 4

1. Activate the fourtht challenge at the NC Challenge page.

2. Go to the the Cog's Togs in Moltara and click on the shopkeeper in order for the next hint to appear.

3. Achieve a score of 650 or more in Tunnel Tumble to receive the Pipe and Gear Crown prize.

4. Returning to the NC Challenge home page will reward you with Jordie's Adventure Hat and Golden Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge Medallion if all four challenges have been completed.

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