Chapter 1: Lyra Finds an Unusual Ally

1. Lyra Finds an Unusual Ally
2. Ruins of Thanyros
3. Lyra's Escape
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Lyra Finds an Unusual Ally

We begin by heading over to the event page to begin your story. You'll encounter a Ruki, warning that tensions are running high in Sakhmet right now and asking if you're going to be sticking around for a while. Click on "Yes, I am" to continue.

Once beginning your adventure, you'll also be presented with The Lost Heirloom Site Theme!

When the page loads again, you'll see Lyra trying to scale the wall. Aurrick is just standing there staring at here. After Lyra falls, the two of them begin a short dialogue. Keep clicking the next button until To Be Continued... is displayed under the story.


Upon starting the adventure, you'll complete the achievement Join the Journey. To check on your current achievements, click on the trophy located in the top right corner of the plot page. Or you can simply click here.

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