Chapter 7: Ruins of Thanyros

1. Lyra Finds an Unusual Ally
2. Ruins of Thanyros
3. Lyra's Escape
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Aurrick and Lyra have left Sakhmet and have reached the Ruins of Thanyros. See how they proceed into the next chapter of Lyra and the Lost Heiroom!

How It Works

After completing all the dialog in Chapter 7, click Enter the Ruins to play a mini game!

The object of the game is to escape the maze while collecting treasure and finding hidden scarabs underneath cracked blocks along the way. Stuck? Don't worry - there are trap doors that will unlock the path for you to go!

Two achievements can be very tricky if you do not know the correct path of the maze. One goal is to complete the maze in 25 seconds; the other is to complete it using 5 doors or less - so we've got the entire map and pathway set up for you!

Some Tips and Tricks

A few simple tips and tricks to help get the Ruins running more smoothly as it can be tricky to get the doors to move the way you want them to.

  • Head to your site preferences and swap off of the Tis the Season theme - the snowflakes lag the game!
  • Make sure your cursor is hovering on the game in order for you to move Lyra. The timer will not start until this happens.
  • The doors take a lot of effort before it responds to you pressing the keys. Our suggestion is to continuously hold down the forward key, while pressing which way you wish the rotating door to move (left, right, up, down).


Achievement Solution
Timer Complete the maze in 25 Seconds or less
In One Fell Swoop Collect all 5 treasure piles randomly scattered throughout the maze.
Hidden Collectibles Collect 5 hidden Scarabs in the maze. (Check all cracked blocks for a scarab to be hiding behind!)
Optimizer Finish the maze without activating more than 5 different trap doors
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