Journey to the Lost Isle Plot - Part 1 - Deck Puzzle

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2. Fight the Monster
3. The Temple Puzzle
4. Giant Moach Attack
5. Jungle Maze
6. The Final Challengers
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1. Go visit Hugo Fairweather's Journal and have a read. Then, take a look at the comic TDN archives all of the comics - check the top table navigation for the latest and greatest.

2. Now it's really your turn. You're playing Scrap, the stowaway - tut, tut - and you'll need to head over to the puzzle . You've been assigned a task on board Captain Rourke's SS Primella; put the items on the deck, in a neat square, making sure they're all aligned properly. It gets progressively harder, and you've three levels to complete. Each puzzle seems to have several different randomly assigned item sets, and everyone has a different set of puzzles to complete. If you click the bucket of water to the left of the board, it will clear the board. It's trial and error time, guys! The solution is different for everybody!

You can't rotate the items yourself, so keep putting them in different places and just test the waters, so to speak. Click an item and simply drag it to the place you wish to put it.

An example of a completed Puzzle 3.

3. Next, move on to Part 2!

Written by Ian
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