Journey to the Lost Isle Plot - Part 5 - Jungle Maze

1. Deck Puzzle
2. Fight the Monster
3. The Temple Puzzle
4. Giant Moach Attack
5. Jungle Maze
6. The Final Challengers
Battledome Opponents
Journal Pages
Comics: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

10. To activate this puzzle, go to the last panel of Chapter 5 comics. This will take you to the maze.

11. Now that it's activated, go back to the journal , and click the Map tab. Now, highlight the sentence "Only time will show what he can make of it..." with your mouse cursor, and hit Tab (on your keyboard), then Enter on your keyboard. It should bring up a screen that says:

You pick up a monstrous jawbone and gape at its size for a minute before taking it with you. Who knows, maybe you can put those sharp teeth on it to good use.

If this isn't working for you there is an alternative. First, right click on the journal page and then click "View Source." Then press CTRL + F keys on your keyboard to search for something. In the search box, search for "jawbone." You should find something like this:

Copy and paste this URL after this:

For example, my url would look like this:

Everybody's URL is different.

12. Now, go back to the Maze , and wander through the maze until you find a branch stuck in the ground. Get the jaw from your inventory (click the arrow in the lower right corner of your screen), and click the jaw, then the branch to cut it loose.

Thanks to proagain for letting us use his screenie!

13. Now continue to wander until you find (and click on to pick up) vines, a ship's wheel, a bucket, planks, and a steam vent.

NOTE: Everyone will start with a metal object that is NOT the steam vent but the nail gun. It will be used later. The steam vent has some green slime on it. Others are calling this a 'motor', by the way. The Nail Gun is obtained by completing the third step, the puzzle lock, and in order to get the thorns, you must have read page 2 of Chapter 4's comics.

Thanks for the image, cooliocheck1!
In order: Steam vent, Ship's wheel, bucket, branch, nail gun, vines, jaw, thorns, boards.

14. Once you have all of your items, go back to the ship. You can now repair the ship with the items you've collected! To use an item, click on it from the item menu, then drag and drop. Use the items on the ship in this order:

  • Use the vines to secure the ship
  • Next, drop the planks and then the thorns
  • Use the nail gun to nail in the planks
  • Use the bucket to get the water out of the ship
  • Use the branch to get the ship back into the water
  • Replace the steam vent
  • Finally, replace the ship's wheel

15. Next, move on to Part 6!

Written by Ian
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