Journey to the Lost Isle Plot - Part 3 - The Temple Puzzle

1. Deck Puzzle
2. Fight the Monster
3. The Temple Puzzle
4. Giant Moach Attack
5. Jungle Maze
6. The Final Challengers
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4. Go to the Mysterious Stone Temple .

5. The puzzle works the same as Time Tunnel. You have to pick symbols and click the red button in the middle to see if they are correct. A green light at the top means that there is one in the right place, and yellow means right symbol, wrong place. The order that the lights are in has nothing to do with which symbols are correct. Everyone's answer is different, so it's just trial and error.

6. There are three sets you have to complete, the first having 4 symbols and 8 tries with 4 spots, the second with 5 and 10 with 5 spots, and the third with 8 and 15 with 6 spots. If you run out of tries, then the whole puzzle is reset and you have to start over.

How I solved this puzzle is I started off with one ring each. Move it into the highlighted spot below (in the orange). Then click the red button to see if it's correct. Green means it's correct. Yellow means one of your symbols is correct, but it's not on the right ring. No lights means it's wrong and that symbol is not in the whole entire puzzle or any other ring (process of elimination). Once you get one ring correct, move on to your next ring and repeat the process (generally I start with the outer ring and work in). Hope this makes sense. It's actually pretty easy once you figure out how everything works.

The highlighted orange spot is your main panel. Outside of your "main panel" means nothing. Don't be confused! Only focus on the main panel. Use the process of elimination.

7. Once you get in, you'll get this message...

Looks like you've done it. With a soft hiss, the door slides open and allows you to enter. A gleam of metal on the floor catches your eye, and you quickly pocket the object.

Next, move on to Part 4!

Written by Ian
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