Murmur, Battle and Potions

1. Mystic Murmurs
2. The Faeries' Chest
3. Battledome: Snapjaw Wraith
4. Taelia's Brewing Center
5. Murmur, Battle and Potions
6. The Wild Woods
7. The Infirmary
8. Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 3
9. The Infirmary: Part 2
10. The Wild Woods: Finding Fyora
11. The Infirmary: Part 3
12. Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 4
13. The Wild Woods: Finding Kaia
14. The Infirmary: Part 4
15. Fighting Malum
16. The Infirmary: Part 5
17. The Infirmary: Part 6
18. Fiendish Formations
19. The Note and Forgotten Graveyard
20. The Clearing
21. The Finale
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After completing the first set of challenge, you are faced with another wraith to battle, more potions to concoct and more areas to clear.

How to Solve

Mystic Murmurs

The first three steps of this section of the plot are the exact same as before. Head to Kaia and solve her new murmur. The method will be the same - either using the number method using notes OR solving by looking for constant letters.


Faeries' Chest

After recognizing what your location is, you will then complete the lock puzzle once again.


Successfully unlocking your lock puzzle grants you access to a brand new Battledome Challenger - Deathball Wraith. This Wraith has a similar amount of health as the previous Snapjaw Wraith. In addition you will also get an exclusive plot weapon -

Here you will battle him until your meter reaches 100% and you unlock your achievement. You can continue collecting the Wraith Claw and Wraith Fur ingredients needed for Taelia's potions II and III.

Potions and Clearing Areas

After collecting enough potions, head back to Taelia's table to concoct her two new potions. You can then take these new potions to clear four new places that have been infected with purple haze in Neopia.

Taelias Concoction II (2x Wraith Fur) can be turned in at Soup Kitchen and Mystery Island Kitchen.

Taelias Concoction III (2x Wraith Ectoplasm & 1x Wraith Claw) can be turned in at Pick Your Own and Apple Bobbing.


Solving the puzzle will reward you with an exclusive prize and will also take you to the next step location.

Mystic Murmurs pt 2

Shenkuu Faerie Cookie Sandwich

Faerie's Chest pt 2

Spinning Rings

Battling Deathball Wraith

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