Part 1 - The Artefact Thief

1. The Artefact Thief
2. Nox's Castle
3. Into the Fray
4. Shhhhhhh!
5. Battle For Brightvale
6. The Shadows Beneath
7a. The Shattered Plain
7b. Oblivion
8. The Plain of Peace
9a. Xandra
9b. The Return of Oblivion
Trophies and Prizes
Corridor of Chance
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The Artefact Thief

At the bottom of the second comic page, click the "continue" button to head over to Xandra's Library .

You are now taken into Xandra's Library - a type of maze, where the idea is you need to reach the door, avoiding Xandra herself and picking up artefacts along the way.

There are several different maze layouts, but the general idea is still the same. The four artefacts that you can collect are these:

There are also three books, which (when collected) act as bonus prizes - they will appear in your inventory when you manage to escape the Library.

To move around the Library, simply click on a space next to you to move into it. It is possible to move diagonally, so be sure to take advantage of it! After you make your move you can click anywhere to see what Xandra does next. The turns alternate like that - you move, Xandra moves, you move, etc - until either you reach the door or Xandra catches you. Careful, Xandra can teleport and and zap a spell several squares in front of her! If she catches you, you will have to start over from the beginning.

When you're done, you can still play the Library again - this is useful for collecting all the Achievements for this step :)


You can keep track of which achievements you have on your Fearless Deeds page (scroll down!).

Ooh, Shiny!
Pick up the artefact that started this whole mess.

You get this achievement when you pick up the Amulet artefact in the Library. :)

The Task at Hand
Avoid being distracted by irrelevant fripperies.

Complete the Library maze - getting all 4 artefacts - but not getting the extra bonus books. You can get the books the first time through, and then play again (the books won't reappear) to get this one.

Proximity Warning
Narrowly escape Xandra's scholarly wrath.

Almost get caught by Xandra - she has to be in an adjacent square to you during your escape, but you must still get away from the Library.

Written by Izzy
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