Part 2 - Nox's Castle

1. The Artefact Thief
2. Nox's Castle
3. Into the Fray
4. Shhhhhhh!
5. Battle For Brightvale
6. The Shadows Beneath
7a. The Shattered Plain
7b. Oblivion
8. The Plain of Peace
9a. Xandra
9b. The Return of Oblivion
Trophies and Prizes
Corridor of Chance
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Nox's Castle

Head over to Nox's Castle , which can be accessed through the Deserted Fairground . Click on the left door to access the puzzle.

Let's take a quick look at the Master Control Platform layout:

In the upper left corner, there are two arrows that allow you to switch between the floors. The maze is composed of four floors: B, G, 1 and 2. When you start the puzzle, your party is split into three groups, and they can appear anywhere. Your characters are represented by pegs in upper position. Please note that pegs join together when they meet in the same room.

In order to move your pegs around the maze, you have to use the five orbs located at the bottom of the screen. For each orb, you have to make a color choice between red, green and blue by clicking on the orb. Once you have made a choice for each orb, you are allowed to trigger the mechanism. Going from left to right, each orb will trigger the opening of the doors of its selected color and pegs will start moving on all levels. When you go through the coloured door leading to the stairs, your peg will emerge beyond the corresponding door on the next floor, so you don't need to choose that colour twice.

Sometimes, your peg will face a situation in which two doors are opened at the same time. In those cases, your peg will proceed through one door randomly, meaning that you have no control over the path it will take. This might be frustrating for you as your pegs are likely to circle around several times before they go the way you want. For this reason, it's important to carefully plan each of your moves.

Below are key elements that are seen around the puzzle.

Up peg Stairs Doors Exit

Stone Icons
Different stone icons are scattered throughout the puzzle. When your peg enters a room that contains an icon, it will trigger speech bubbles from the trapped heroes and Hanso. It's important that you visit the room that contains the key, or you won't be able to exit the puzzle. Also, you will receive an achievement when you exit the puzzle if all of your groups visit the ice cream room, whether your groups have visited it individually or as a combined group. The other icons are bad events and can make you dizzy for a turn.

The puzzle ends when you find the exit, represented by a golden door on the map. When you're done, you can still play the puzzle again - this is useful for collecting all the Achievements for this step. :)


You can keep track of which achievements you have on your Fearless Deeds page (scroll down!).

We All Scream
Everyone loves an ice-cold bowl of Chintzy Mynci... even Hubrid Nox.

In order to receive this achievement, all of your party has to pass through the room with the ice cream cone symbol in it. This achievement will be awarded to you when you exit the maze whether your party does this separately or grouped together.

Fort Nox
There's gold in them thar halls!

To get this achievement, you have to find the hidden treasure inside the maze.

And One For All
"After you." "No, after you." "No, I insist! After you."

This achievement is awarded to you when all your pegs are combined into one before you exit Nox's castle. This achievement will be awarded to you when you exit the maze.

Happy Plot/Transfabulator Glitch Time

TNT has addressed the plot glitches on their official message board . Here is a copy of the message for everyone to see:

Message from TNT:

Just wanted to post about a few glitches happening at the moment?

For the plot, we know about people getting stuck with pegs not moving through open doors, and about Nox's Locks remaining grey even after you've escaped. Thanks for all the reports with detailed information! We're looking into it now and will fix it ASAP so you can finish the puzzle. It wouldn't be a plot without glitches, right? *shifty eyes*

Also, Transfabulator items are not supposed to be stuck in the Closet. This is also being looked into as we type. Early reports are that it will take some time to fix, but we hope you'll be able to move them to your inventory early next week. We have a pack of hungry Meepits standing by to encourage programmer compliance with this plan.

- The Neopets Team

(P.S. - Just to clarify another question we've seen, the NC plot component is a new activity for those that want to participate. It in no way affects your plot score.)

Written by Xepha
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